BFB’s local touch gaining momentum


Malawian rapper cum producer Black Falcon Bird (BFB) has once again satisfied the ear with a local flavour titled Whatsapp which is sounding louder amidst an ocean of the country’s urban music.

This comes after the Lilongwe based Mcee released Loko yanga ili swagi in 2012, a song that put him into the spotlight both as a producer and rapper. Four years down the line, BFB has not lost instincts for local beats with his latest hit keeping the style very much alive in him.

Whatsapp dropped on 5th July and could not wait for ages before having an impact. The song has been subject to overwhelming support on the country’s radio stations and music sites. Age has proved not to be a hindrance against other people from enjoying the track which is rich in Malawian values.

Produced by BFB himself, the song is all about the negative impacts of one of the most popular social media platform, WhatsApp. In the song, the persona makes a valid claim with regard to how people shift their attention away from vital business anytime they receive a message through the application.

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The persona goes as far as questioning the motivation behind installing the application on the phone. This is because its effects undoubtedly pose a risk to her marriage among other important social links.

The song also exposes what make people tied to their phones which support the application; the need to find answers to questions on different issues a person can have based on experience. It has been argued in the song that people are always eager to learn as to what new information they have received and from who.

In Whatsapp, the multitalented artist has refrained from hip hop as he sings throughout the five minutes and thirty three seconds in the company of a guitar and an African drum among other instruments.

BFB whose real name is Timothy Matewere is among a very few Malawians in the creative industry who advocate for localising genres. With a sound reputation in music production through his trademark, Exclusive Production, his products are hardly free of local elements.