Hunger to hit hard Malawi economy – World Bank

Laura Kullenberg

Following the hunger crisis in Malawi, the World Bank says it will be hard for the country’s economy to start growing rapidly soon.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Monday, World Bank country manager Laura Kullenberg said Malawi has diverted a lot of resources to support the starving population due to El-Nino weather that has paralyzed the agricultural sector.

Laura Kullenberg
Laura Kullenberg with Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe (File)

“We have been hit hard by El-Nino and a lot of resources have been allocated towards provision of humanitarian support to citizens rather than long-term solutions to economic growth,” said Kullenberg.

In its quest to deal with the apparent hunger situation, the Malawi government allocated MK198.5 billion kwacha to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development to avert the food crisis.

In response to emergency assistance to alleviate the suffering, the World Bank granted Malawi $22.6 million, just over half of which will be used to help curb acute malnutrition in under-five children caused by drought-related food shortages.

Being a country with agriculture as the economic backbone, Malawi is now triggering to stand for a growth with the country’s green gold facing a rejection on the market.

89 thoughts on “Hunger to hit hard Malawi economy – World Bank

  1. We have more maize here in malawi,people are keeping their maize in their houses to eat in future,we are not fools.

  2. What is world bank after all? We are a God fearing nation. We don’t fear you sons and daughters of Lucifer. Go to hell. Malawi has a lot of food in Jesus name. Remember Jesus fed over 5000 people with only 5 bread. We don’t need your support.

    1. IF you don’t fear God that’s your probs, if the president and other few people don’t fear God, doesn’t mean all of us are like the same. Remember we are in end of times. Prophesies must be fulfilled. God help you

    2. I think World Bank’s stand is economical not religious.I fully understand that we’re a God fearing nation but that does not spare us from the human sufferings of this wicked world.Some of which are natural and some man made.We’ve experienced hunger in this country before not because we’re not God fearing then,let’s look at what the bank has said objectively for our own good as a country.

    3. DO you know where money of world bank come from? If you don’t know, religion and politics, now a days move together. Pray hard then God will show you the truth.

    4. My brother Gift,regardless of where the world bank gets its’ money from,the fact is that it has the influence which affect all countries and Malawi isn’t an exception,ask Goodal Gondwe he will whisper the truth into one of your pair of ears.Your insinuation on where the world bank gets money is only one of the many fashionable allegations about satanism.

    5. So you should stop praising the so called world bank. You know they are under the amburella of Lucifer. Even those politician they are on the same boat. God cares everyone. And its only God who can rescue as from hunger and poverty.

    6. I really appreciate your views but God will save us from whatever problems we’re facing as a nation through a medium.And the world bank could be acting in that set up,remember God assists those who first help themselves.Our effort guided by the world bank is needed before the Almighty God comes on the scene.

    7. We dnt care abot where world bank gets money from, but de truth must be said. Whether we are God fearing or not pple of are still starving. Does that mean they dnt fear God

    8. Malawi has abundant food? kkkkkk amalawi yesu sangabwere kudzatipatsa chakudya. adanenetsa kut tigwire ntchito. awatu sakunyoza President. enanu mwatengera political grounds

  3. Every thing goes. with god so just live in his hand he know what he did. Jah is so hard. people. sleep without food. Abount economy. mvutulo silinayambe lelo chifukwa cha njala iyi lakalikali

  4. What is World Bank? Is it like Standard Bank or National Bank or OIBM? Can I open a Savings Account there? Does it have branches in all the districts like NBS Bank. If the answers are a BIG NO then why worry what the bank focuses. We all know even the local villagers that there is hunger in the country. Finito. And measures are being put in place to mitigate it. Finish.

  5. They doesn’t know hw great is our God. We serve a mighty, living and true God.He promised that he will never leave us nor forsake Us He is God of our forefathers He fulfill His promises

  6. But God helps who helps himself.The mentioned guy did not starve because he reaped from what he sowed.WB is tryng t alert us.lf we neglect,people wil die.

  7. In Genesis 26 Isaac sowed when there was drought. God instructed him not to go to Egypt because of the famine but to sow in the land he dwelled. To the glory of God he reaped a hundredfold. So inu a World Bank with your worldly economic principles musatiopsyeze apa siinu Mulungu. We serve the God of wonders muona.

    1. Haha’ As I re-read your comment, I realize it’s so positive as to be slightly obnoxious, Now scratch that. Firstly, I assume you misunderstood what’s been written,something really vital before you ever grab your keyboard. World bank has got nothing to do with our economically laden shoulders? they are just being honest. Hunger is a huge hindrance to our economic growth and that’s the point. I saw Malawi falling down like a boxer who had been hit by a hard punch earlier before Harvesting. By his Grace, keep it real and stay trill. God blessed the land that now lacks the harvest,time to repent!!!!!! A minor setback for a huge comeback. God bless.

    2. Malawi has not fallen down and will never fall down. We are praying for our nation and nothing is impossible with God. We are trusting the best strategist who is God Himself. What is impossible with man is possible with God.

  8. Mesa ena anachita kupitira kunja kukalandira degree kut kuno zinthu zilibwino? ndekut amatinamiza ok tionana 2019 sipatali

  9. Kumalawiko palibe tsogoleli amene azayime pachulu ndikumanena kuti azathesa umphawi ndi njala dzikomo palibe asamakupusiseni ndiopusa bolanso tcheya.

  10. I just don’t get it…

    When the country was declared a ‘state of national disaster’ my view was that we are giving some INGO’s, Local NGO’s, Government agencies/departments and even the private sector some heads-up to start working towards reducing the impact…. and now it is becoming worse also…

    I see political entreprenuership in play.

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  12. We know already how had it will we don’t want somebody to tell us about dat just help if you wish not telling us what we already know

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