UN backs need for national IDs in Malawi

Kyung-wha Kang

The United Nations (UN) has bemoaned the lack of national identity (ID) cards in Malawi arguing that the IDs are crucial in responding to disasters the country faces.

The development comes at a time when Malawi government has embarked on providing humanitarian support to citizens being affected by hunger.

Speaking to the local press, UN Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, Kyung-wha Kang, said ID cards help in identification of citizens of a country.

Kyung-wha Kang
Kyung-wha Kang talks of the need of the IDs in Malawi.

“This country does not have national ID system. IDs are crucial in identifying citizens at a time when we are responding to disaster and providing humanitarian support,” said Kang.

Following presidential call to support hunger victims in the country, World Food Program (WFP) Executive director Ertharin Cousin on Monday jetted in the country to appreciate the hunger situation.

Malawi government needs over $300 million to support a population that is to starve due to rainfall shortage following El-Nino weather in the country. Malawi has since embarked on buying staple grains from other countries to avert the food shortage.

However, UN has called on the donor community to rescue citizens from hunger arguing that the country cannot manage to deal with the crisis on its own.



  1. Ngati analephera kalekare Dr H. Kamuzu Bandah, Tate amene analanda dzikoli m’manja mwa asamunda ,nde enanu mufuna munene kuti chiyani ? Dziko lamalawi lingoberedwa ndalama ndi anthu a ndale ino nokha simuona? Mzika zamalawi zikuyesesa kutsatira Mamulo popereka misonkho koma agalu andale angoba ndalamazo ,nde mungoti ee ID ee ID nde kuti chani ? Can you please, bring to me the Director of UN I wanna ask him about 54 questions, if he cannot answer me properly, I will be a leader of the people who Refuses the IDs . Tatopananu mutiyankhulitsa pokhota, Guys pasapezeke munthu ovomereza zausiluzi, Ndalama zathu zikubedwa 2 much, ubwino wake okubawo tawadziwa ndi hule lalikulu p. Kaliati ndi anzake ,tithanananu .

  2. Illuminatty control the world, when voting amatipatsa #ID, awa ID yake afuna iwo ndiye iti? zamanyi osangotipatsa gaiwayo tidyerepo zitete ndi mbewa apa

  3. Also tripple six will come also like this, what I knw is no one is a foreighner but Always devil divide us and to me I do not see advantage of having ID

  4. mutiuza kuti ayamba kupeleka ma ID poti a UN amangoyendela ndale kale anayamba palibe chomwe akuchita.munditumizile yanga kuno kwaeni ikatuluka.

  5. Nthawi ina tinauzidwapo kuti kaja kovetera ndikamene kakhale ID, awa UN asanamepo apa pano akuti apanga passport imodzi kenako ndalama imodzi, owerenga anadziwa!!

    1. Kkkkk malawi eish, koma ID imeneyo idzakhala ndimuja tisinthira zinthu, kukhalako ndi ma passport/Driving licence/ma flag awiri kumagwira ntchito pakamodzi kkkk, pesi imeneyo idzadza ndithu mwinaso muziyenda ndi mapesi awiri kkkkk

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  7. That is illelevant to malawians. Why is it that UN secretary needs that??? Why not ask something else???? Pls becareful enough

  8. Mwaziziwa mochedwa, ingopangani plan yoti njala yomwe yagwa Mmalawi muno Ithe . What is the meaning of ID yet many people are Dying of hunger in Malawi? Stop talking about the IDs let us deal with hunger . Munthu sangalore Kupanga za ID pamene dzulo wagona ndi njala .Think twice plz.

    1. umamenyedya ngati waziputa yhats y amati limba nazo.kuchepa mphamvu osati ID nanga kujon amamenya bwanji eni dziko olo kuwapha obwela nawo alibe ID?

    2. Kusunga mano nkupewa makhufu, kujoni ena akuferamo osayiona ID, zovuta izi, boma linalephera kale zimenezi, zimayambika popangira campain akawina nkusiya, mwina UN ndiyo ipange koma kuyerekeza kuperaka dolla adzamva kuti apanga 5000 pamene dziko lili ndi 15million plus population

  9. It will take ages for ppl to understand. Malawi is a haven of anything illegal. If u can speak chewa u can stay in Malawi without being dictated. Its the only nation in the world that dont have IDs. But much needs to be done. Lots of cash is required to get ever citizen an ID.
    The nation is the last impoverished state in the world. As long they dont lend money that Will add burden to the already over burdened poor ppl.

  10. Pple we need to do research b4 we criticise. National ID is a good way to have our database update and accurate information. Its easy to acces loans bonds 4rm banks without a hassle. Because every details wil be in the goverment database Its only bad timing. But to me its a good idea. The nation can easily identify correctly the population we have in Malawi. They is a problem pple changing names day to day. Anthu anamwalira kale kale akadali kulandira chinthandizo. Thats why UN need real figures. The steps will start with birth certificate, when 18 yrs then apply for ID then if u pass on the goverment wil issues a death certificates. Zimbabweans, Zambians, Tanzanians are entering in Malawi and get Malawians Passports which is illegal. They is lot of illegal activities happening around due to lack of identfications. We cant afford on our own. And the procces wil take 10yrs to be settled propery Malawi is one of the country were they is no proper ID. For now lets deal with hunger then the rest can follow

  11. Iiyi nde #666 ija yayambadi basi munva opanda I’d samagula or kugulisa
    Ukunva wanva
    Owerenga wawelenga

    #JAH come down & set us #Free

    1. inu mbuzi zawanthu.yenda uwone ubwino wa ID ikunenedwayo ukanadziwa sukanakamba ayi kuti ID ndiyofunika kuposa satifiketi yaku xool.

    1. Oh so simple: its very easy to identify victims and channel aid to them, it avoids corrupt individuals from directing aid to themselves at the expense of disaster stricken persons. Generally it helps much in the wake/ aftermath of such mishappenings

    2. For instance if you commit a crime at a company in Mzuzu and run away to Blantyre and try to find a job there they will catch you like a chicken that’s how the original IDs works, at some point they can identify you by using your DNA.

    3. U can also apply for home loans/bonds 4rm the bank provided if u have a source of income and bank statement for 3 month without a hassle. Malawi wake up. In other countries we see economically improvements due to identification of citizens.

  12. We must have I’d the time for Dr kamuzu banda it was makadi and songo why? Now we just walk like asnake without head

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