Malema: Zuma molested me


South Africa: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has said the reason he left the ANC is because President Jacob Zuma was molesting him.

Jacob Zuma


He made the remarks after Zuma said people cannot vote for someone who used to say “I will die for Zuma” (in reference to Malema).

But in response, a visibly agitated Malema described Zuma as dumb fool who used to molest hi.

“Zuma is dumb fool who wanted to continue molesting me without Vaseline,” Malema has been quoted as saying by the Citizen of South Africa. The publication did not clarify whether the remarks were to be interpreted in literal sense or taken as a political jibe.

The two were stout supporters of each other until the time when Malema got expelled from the ANC. He went on to found EFF which has been vocal in opposition.



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  2. We have so many stories that are happing in our country both bad and gud,why are you interested to know about South Africa?

  3. iiiiiiiiiii malawi mavuto atha eti? mpakana kuyamba kusowa nkhani kumaika nkhani zaku southafrica. tell us more about malawi osati mbwererazi ayi bra! what’s ur fucken problem?

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  6. Thats a lie Malema was suspended not resign. He was forced out. Also what does that help Malawians. Tamva basi tsopano titani. Focus on our problem with this current goverment. Leave that to South Africans. Ndikonze ndikonze anaononga chimbudzi chaeni

    • Even when T v radio station talking about african continent story they did not mention Malawi as one of them. so iwonder why the pumpet admins of this page foccusing on useles storys like this.

    • Auu mara isnt it that S.A is beeger thn malawi…n u should be informed on what is happening in the well developed country of sadc just like in the world how often d u read of news from Austria??n still there isnt much happening tht side except f u ppl killing albinos n people campaigning nude n some of ur ppl stealing maize meal …we have your magician Bushiri this side i think he is d beegest Malawi news

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    Awa iyayi tiyeni kwathu konkuno tizigwira Zitete.

  8. Thats makaka we all knows why malema rebellionwas from. And if its to molese someone why would zuma choose malama of all better looking people. Sis man

    • That’s why our media shows how useless they are, so much to write about our country, but passing so more boarders and coming up with useless news, have you ever seen south African writing about Malawi?

    • just block them if they bordering you rather dan to say you r not south African may you r here or you are busy making plans to come to south African or ……

    • Mavy tk kemashwabi fela gore wena okwatile ka taba eo Mara what I mean is that in Malawi we have so many things wich they supposed to update .we can share any stories but when it comes to politics we have nothing to do with that coz our country has olso problems with politics how come don’t they announce our problems. Hybo

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