Bullets players demand the head of Sam Chilunga


He came in like the promised Messiah but months into his tenure as Big Bullets Chairman, Sam Chilunga has been told to pack up and go by his own players.

Chilunga’s led executive committee was given until June 30 to settle down Players’ signing on fees balances but nothing happened, forcing the players to boycot Tuesday’s training ahead of their two crucial Super League games away in Lilongwe this weekend.

And speaking to the media on Tuesday afternoon, the team’s captain Chiukepo Msowoya demanded for the removal of Chilunga and the entire executive committee from their positions until an Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place for new leadership at the club.

Sam Chilunga

Chilunga faces rejection.

“We don’t want the executive committee to continue serving the club. For now, let the supporters committee take over from Sam Chilunga until the AGM takes place for a new leadership at the club,” he said.

On their sponsorship deal with Nyasa Manufacturing Company, Msowoya said the development had nothing to do with their sponsors.

“We are not focusing on the sponsors but the supporters. They have been taking care of us for all these year and I know they can do better than the executive committee so this has got nothing to do with them,” he said.

Bullets players are claiming a K43 million signing on fees from their executive committee plus another K8 million from game allowances. Meanwhile, the team’s supporters have pleaded with their sponsors to rescue the situation saying things are getting out of hand.

The defending league champions are struggling for form in the top flight and if they are to defend the title, they must collect something from their next two away from home fixtures.

Chilunga, who took over from Kondi Msungama, is currently outside the country and is yet to comment on the matter.

Bullets clinched a K0.5 billion five year sponsorship deal with Nyasa earlier this year but the sponsors are believed to have distanced themselves in this latest saga.



  1. I dnt understand Anthu omwe amayendetsa mpira ku Malawi kuno.Kodi mumamva bwanji Ana anzanu kumawagwilitsa tchito ngati makasu inu ndi kumawadyera masuku pa mutu? Inuyo mumakhala ku VIP ku stadium kuwopa mvura kapena dzuwa pamene pa player akuzunzika ndi nyengo zimenezi,plz tqnzimvaniko Chisoni mukamaba chonde mudziwonetsetsa kuti ma player zawo mwawapatsa. Bwana Chilunga plz plz plz ndagwada pansi pa mapazi anu apatseni Anyamata ndalama zawo. Munapatsa Zowona, Lanjesi ndi Chiukepo ndalama koma onse omwe anavutikila Team for so long osawapatsa mumatanthauza chani? Mumawatenga ngati ma player enawo ndi osafunikila? Mulungu adzakulangani ndinthu ndiinu Anthu ozunza kwambiri.

  2. zakhalonso bwanji mmesa munkati awa ndiye abwino ! Munachosesa anthu olimbikira achilungamo gulu la A Lipipa ana inu ndinu otembereredwa. inu munagachose Noel Lipipa ndi gulu lake lero tiyeni nazo tikuonerani

  3. Ihave neva been afan of Sam Chilunga thou am abullets fan….we dont need pipo who wll cum n milk (the thin) bullets team…..Millionares who cant invest in ateam but to enrich themselves. better to have sober minded Lazarus who can lead well despite of his status…..Am furious at Sam Chilunga

  4. I told u dis dat dis is football politics and their are someone behind dis, but let me tell you 24 crews…Its too early to deserving Chilunga to go!!! wll cry again soon,probably our down fall…

  5. Ine Ine Ndinanena Kuti Aniopola Ndalama Akulu Akulu Atimu Yathu Ya Bullets Koma Anthu Anakwiya Nazo Mpaka Anandichosa Pawhats Up Ya Bullets Lero Bwaa

  6. ma player si ana just offer them wat they wnt felling to meet their demand balibe kuchitila mwina koma kuluzisa ma game, that s the only option

  7. this nigga & co. must really go.they made everything possible to get rid of titha& her friends but these are the issues those people were talking about.if u give 15 players contracts that elapse the same year,expectate to face a heavy blow in paying signing-on fees coz its many players being given at once.they were told to be prudent enough with salary issues koma anaonetsa koti ngosazindikila.this was expected,they have failed& they must go

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