Chileka airport renovations to be completed end July


The Malawi Government says renovation of Chileka International Airport in Blantyre will be completed by the end of this month.

According to the minister of transport and public works, Malisoni Ndau, the project of renovating the airport is going on well.

He however said government had expected that the project would be finalized in June but due to challenges they failed to meet the deadline.

“Everything has been going so good and we believe by this month end, everything will be okay. We planned that the project would have been completed last month but we met some challenges hence the delay.

Chileka-International-Airport up for renovation.

“My ministry is working as per the wish of President Peter Mutharika to have internationally accepted standard airports in the country,” said Ndau.

The minister further said that the Mzuzu airport will soon be moved to a new place but before that, the current one will as well be renovated such that by the time the new airport will be constructed, the old one should be in condition and should be operating.

Ndau also disclosed that government is planning to construct a modern and international airport in Likoma with the aim of attracting more tourists.

28 thoughts on “Chileka airport renovations to be completed end July

  1. its not an airport but an airfield, old and from the 1940s colonial days. demolish it and build a proper international airport instead of another useless stadium in BT

  2. Thats a 19th century airport: It needs to be brought to ground zero and build something better: Whats that thing? Surely not an airport: lol> Landed on a bush:

  3. Building new modern air port would be great.renovating always cost alot ,we would want Malawi look beutiful with new infrastructure not old bulding just the way their did need stadium. So proud to be Malawian

  4. that is good news we want big planes to land at Chileka too

  5. These are the same people who have been lying to us that a completely brand new airport will be built at Chileka?? Does renovation mean creating a brand new???

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