UK’s EU exit has no impact on Malawi

Michael Nevin

The decision by a section of citizens of the United Kingdom to break way from the European Union does not have any impact on Malawi or the relationship that Malawi enjoys with the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom (UK) ambassador to Malawi Michael Nevin has disclosed that the decision by his country to exit from the European Union will not in any way have a bearing on the relationship that the two countries enjoy.

Speaking to the local press, Nevin said Malawi and UK will still hold a bilateral relationship and remain active partners linked through, among others, the Commonwealth.

Michael Nevin
Michael Nevin says #Brexit will not hit Malawi hard.

“I can assure people that the referendum will not affect people of Malawi, this will also strengthen our relationship. Malawi and UK have shared a strong bond for years,” said Nevin.

The British people have voted to leave the European Union in a controversial election that has seen some members protest the outcome of the referendum and also the resignation of the British Prime Minister who is against the idea of the UK breaking away from the regional grouping.

The voting saw 51.9% of people calling for a leave while 48.1% of the people going against the move to cease from being a member of the EU.



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