MPs under attack for their love of money

Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliamentarians slammed.

The stand by the Members of Parliament last week to suspend Parliament owing to their demand of loans and other financial benefits has come under attack.

One of the country’s well known political experts, Humphrey Mvula, has asked the country’s Members of Parliament to be patriotic by discussing issues of national interest in the chamber.

Mvula said Malawi is going through several challenges so there is need for them to be discussing matters which benefit more Malawians and not favouring the MPs.

He further said in the country there are more issues which need to be discussed than what is happening now where the MPs have become selfish and can have Parliament suspended for them to get some money.

“As one of the citizens, I feel like it is not helping the entire Malawians. These legislators are now becoming selfish. The country is going through hard times and there is no need for them to be doing what they are doing now.

“They need to love other Malawians by remembering that this is a budget meeting where they need to discuss issues of money for medicines in hospitals and in other departments,” said Mvula.

Humpreys Mvula
Humpreys Mvula says MPS need to prioritize needs of Malawians.

He added that the legislators need to know that the Malawi government has no money to meet their needs so it won’t be good to borrow some money just to meet their wishes.

Minister of finance Goodall Gondwe also expressed his displeasure with the Members of Parliament when they forced a suspension of Parliament for them to get their financial benefits.#

Gondwe was quoted in the media as saying that the MPs were complaining over an issue that had already been discussed.

Last week, MPs from the opposition benches mostly forced a suspension of Parliament over grievances that government was not willing to service their financial needs.



  1. And leave them this country will do without them! Mbuyo president amapanga dissolve parliament dziko limayenda bwanji! Asiyeni ayamba kale kumwa ma sachet maluzi!

  2. Mudyeletu mwamva?ma Mp opanda phindu inu, tikuchotsani mungodikila pang’ono, tidyera limodzi abwamnoni ndi mende mukuti tizidyazi.

  3. Wosangowapitila ku parliament konko kukawathamangitsako bwanji?masiku anoso kulizonyengelera ma MP wopanda phindu?mmayesa munawasankha ndinu?muwamatchile konko atulukeko azikagona mmakomo mwawo.

  4. Politicians all over the world lining their own pockets and look after their families.time to bring in strict rules.corruption an evil

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