Malawi Court orders life sentence to albino killer


The High Court in Mzuzu City has made an outstanding ruling to one Samson Kaumba to spend his entire life behind bars for attempting to kill a person with albinism.

Samson Kaumba
Samson Kaumba jailed.

Court heard that Kaumba and Fiskani Mtambo planned and set up Morton Juma aged 11, into a bush where they hacked him on the neck and left biceps.

Mtambo was however acquitted after prosecutors failed to prove his involvement in the act beyond reasonable doubt.

Judge Dingiswayo  Madise’s ruling went against a mitigation stand by defence lawyer Chimwemwe Chithope .

Chithope told the court that Kaumba was a first offender and a youth who might only done the act in an ‘attempt.

But Madise denied the plea for a lenient sentence and ruled that Kaumba be in prison for the rest of his life.

He said’’ Today I have that worst offender before me,” .

The ruling comes hot in the heels of a debate that everyone found torture an albino be killed.

Proponents to this argue that this would see an end to various attacks people living with albinism.

Over 18 murder cases have been reported and 14 cases involving kidnapping of albinos are in the records and that three people with albinism are still missing while 28 graveyards of people with albinism have been tampered with in different circumstances, according to government.



  1. Eish the man loks already dead…NDE life sentence akayitha….#justthnking

  2. Mndikusamphuziraku ndinakakhala ophumzira ine ndikukhala minster oyang,anira zaufulu wa ma lbino aaa bwenzi nditalamula kut nawo awa aziphedwa,

  3. Death setence bwa? coz iwo amachosa miyoyo yaabale anthu. Meek Ishmael Tex Patrick Mapopa Tembo Santo Cartoon Msiska Armstrong Osmond Scott Abinallh Kamwera Chirwa K Luca Providence Gondwe Spîçê Vêndêttâ Khmñyîê Chinoko WA MU Gheto Austin Njikho Dan Kay Kabaghe Luckson O Msiska Patrick Tembo Elick Johnson

  4. Some government members r behind this Blv mi, the life sentence z a fair game for the killers, the aim z they will be saving few years then disappear (exile)


    1. Hhhhh man of here the gnv. is trying to so pple who are enging into malpractice of thinking that they could get rich only through blood of albino,indeed the guy abduct the young innocent boy and started knifing a net just emagine,is this atempt?that boy is alive is by the grace of God mr.let us welcome the judgement as a special and diferent from these other murder cases or manslaughter etc.Mayb others can learn something

  6. ….Why life imprisonment after all he was jyst tempt to murder and it is last year September…why not this current killers on the ground now???not fair and Malawians shiuld open their eyes and see both corners we will know the truth….Eishshsh!!!

  7. He will be spending our tax money when the body of albinos they killed are rying down the grave,Why keeping him alive. Judges think first b4 passing judgement, Death sentence is fit for anyone who kills.

  8. This Guy is so lucky. God is really merciful to His own people. Can u Imagine! This guy will receive free meal, free clothes, free accomadation & the word of God in Jail for him to repent, but yet he is a criminal

    1. Sinanga inu mwayi opita pa Nthawirawo mulibe, chifukwa kuti muchoke ku area 2 cham’ma 4 nde mukafika pa nthawira 7 oclock’tu

  9. Chigamulo chimenechi sichinandisunthe moyo ayi chifukwa iyeyu akhala moyo ndiposo kwathawi yaitali akudya .ndikanakonda pakakhala mwadzi ku mwadzi magazi ku magazi.kodi moyo Wake wa iyeyo ndiye ofunika ? Nanga kwaophedwayo moyo sankaufuna pomaliza tikufuna lamulo la diso kulipa diso .

  10. Mr Howard mot mpaka lero simudziwa kut wakupha amayenera kut nayenso aphedwe? Mungandiuze kut Mulungu polenga anthu a chi albino kunali kwapatsa anthu ena popezera ndalama? Kupha munthu oti wapha nzake sikuweruza ayi koma ndilamulo lake,jst imagine that if were u or yo child has killed with those pipo hw can u feel ? Zikhoza kukhala bwino kuwapha coz lyf imprison kwathu kuno ndiovuta akhoza kuzatuluka nkumapitiriza kupha,think about that.

  11. Zowona Howard kuweluza kwa iye mwini, komanso dziwani kuti apa zafikapa ndiye kuti munthu ameneyu alibe mpata ochita chitukuko pakhomo pake. Kuyambira lero banja lake liri m’mavuto, kusowa chithandizo kaya anali ndi ana lerotu ana amenewo ndi amasiye asowa chikondi cha bambo wawo komanso chakudya ngakhale kuphunzira sukulu kumene kuima.

  12. Moyo wanga wayamba kusiya matha sopano, ndipo ndipephero langa kuti chigamulo chimenechi chigwereso ena okupha amzao,ndipo ndisamveso azamaufulu oduka mutu akulowereraposo apa.

  13. Musatinyanse nazo apa coz nkhani zimenezi zatikwana. whether it is attempting murder or murder itself musatibhowe nazo. nkhani zimenezi zikukulira coz malamulo a dziko lino ngofooka zedi. Looking at maiko omwe kuli Shalia law, kulibe nkhani zongophana chonchi. why don’t you just bring back lamulo loti wa kupha nzake naye aphedwe? Zu kuvutana pati??? Nde mudzivuta kuyamba kuletsa ma witchdoctors from operating around this country WHY??? Mukuganiza kuti iwo akakudyerani kuti?

  14. Muwona wopusa amabugwe opanda mufunda anenapo zawo kuti ali ndiufulu wopanga belo nanga wakufayo analibe ufulu wokhala ndimoyo? Penapake inu amabugwe inu muziyamba kayemwaganiza poyimira anthu pulizi.

  15. It sounds like nice idia but not, gvt must buy sharpest makako 4 albino killers thus all. Y life sentence to akiller instead of death sentence to akiller?? Mxiiiiiiiiiii

  16. this is not fare at all coz government will spend money caring 4 this wild beast of which they would have use it to buy medicines for patients,jst put him on death sentence and forgate!!

    1. yaa,these evil spirit pple r not supposed to be in our communities,we’ve to gate them perish all,we want our country to be warm heart of heart of africa

  17. Thats nt enoughdeath penalty wud du better. thz ppo even get out ov there wit e aid ov some so called bg men,think ov nachipanti du u ppo knw that that criminal z freely roaming our streets irespective ov hw h terrorised Malawi? Chifundo Nyirenda Maverick Liloya Stanley D Majawa

    1. The govt wul use da same tax it wul get frm da guy da was killed & feed a guy dat wanted 2 kill him. Justice Is Not Free….nzomwe ndaphunzira ine… da big shots wul always av an advantage over da terrorised. Soon dis guy wul join Nachipanti in da freeworld.

  18. Thaks alot my Lord Justice Madise,i think all cases involving Albino killings must be tranfered to Mzuzu High Court.Becoz Malawians have lost hope in these other Judges.

  19. Well done to da high Court,dis is gonna b good example 2 other killers,and 2 u Mr Willy Mandala,u should b ashamed of ur self,da person in question is killer,his intention ws 2 kill,ther is no such thing called first ofender 2 people lyk him,he is a criminal,a killer who intended 2 murder someone,may be u r one of them,shame on u

  20. iyeyo nde kumuonerela? enawa simukuwamanga bwanji? kuno ku mangochi last wk gavanala wa DPP wapezeka ndi albino wamoyo atamumata pakamwa atamuika ku boot, kumumanga manja ndi miyendo. , watuluka dzana!!!! zikuona zipani kod?

  21. This is the best punishment ever given to type of offenders. I agree with the Judge. This sentence will help in reducing such merciless killings in this country. Other Judges should emulate this example. The people deserve stiff punishment if the killings are to stop.

  22. Yes, that’s the very good judgement. Judge Dingiswayo Madise this is better now. Considering the people with albinism are going through this nation of ours. Thses abductors should spend their life in prisons!!! No mercy for these abductors, and I hope your fellow judges will follow this.
    Osaopanso apa chondifikira chindifikire basi!!!!

  23. This is a landmark Judgement. It has helped to clarify matters as regards the difference between being charged with attempted murder/murder and some other offences such as abduction, conspiracy. The Judge has also meted the highest possible sentence for the offence of ATTEMPTED MURDER (the victim dd not die, but there was an attempt to kill him). There’s a widely followed principle in criminal law to the effect that MAXIMUM sentence is reserved for the WORST OFFENDER. This means that if the maximum sentence is, for example, 30years imprisonment, the Judge can only give the offender 29 or below as they say” the worst offender is not yet born. In the present matter , that worst offender we have been waiting for is now born! someone might appeal this decision on a point of law. We are yet to see the development of law in this regard. But the judgement sends a strong message to the would be albino killers

    1. Some of us are not educated but from my point of view i think him being the 1st offender he’s lucky as for the second offender , it should be death by hanging !!

    2. cassius chabwa MKandawire; im sure the punishment for “attempted murder” is life imprisonment as provided for in section 223 of the penal code. The person in this case was charged with attempted murder(not murder). so, the sentence herein is the maximum

    3. Phillip Mulenga: the meaning of “FIRST OFFENDER” in this regard, is that the person in question has NEVER been convicted before( this is his first conviction…… mkoyamba court kumupeza olakwa)

  24. Maybe this comment won’t be important for the majority of people here. Some of you will ignore it and most of you won’t bother to read and it’ll go unnoticed along with other comments maybe ill be criticized for this but I just want you all to know I’m selling potatoes.

  25. Lyf inprisonment? that’s not fair,he is supposed 2 b killed as well.wapha nzake mwankhana iye akhabe moyo koma mlandu atazengedwa n’kupezekanso olakwa? n’chitidwe uwuwu siutha basi bcoz chilangocho n’chosawawa kwenikweni

  26. Am disapointed with the sentence, Accused person is a first offender and why giving him maximum sentence deserved for worst offenders? Moreover the victim was not killed it is just an attempted murder. Looking forwad for an appeal thea

    1. U are a such idiot man… can u put ur silly comment like this??? Hop u are also involved in killing of albinos…… He is lucky he got that punishment..but he was supposed to be killed too!!!!!! once again u are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. It seems u r not familiar with the penal code guys. No one is a first offender sinse the offence will also be commited by others in future. Nde enawo azapasidwa chilango chotan akazapanga moposera uyu e.g aja anapha albino ku NU

    3. Nxaaaaaaa voetsekiii wenaaaa ……u boring now with ur rediculous comments!!!!!!! If u hv nothing to do for now jst pack ur dirty mind… go to hell n fuck up urself man!!!!! u are in that kak group too of killing albinos & u are heartless! Stop writting ur bulshit…..u are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. No Doubt Dis Guy Is The1 Coz Anomal Person Cant Come Wth Nosense Coment Like This Wt Iknw This Is A Lesson So That Others Can Learn 4rm Him Shame On U #willy Jst Sory If Hes Ur Brother

    5. i think these beast should atleast pay you avisit for only 5mins such that you can appreciate the way they act tizakuonere ngat utazanenenso zopanda mchere zakozo,son of bitch!!

    6. Ngati anali kasitomala wako ukugulisa ziwalo za anthuzo nonse ndinu agalu kwasalaso iweyo ndikagulu kakoko uwonekera poyera nziwa izi pa dziko lapansi palibe chisisi

    1. there is no scientific approved and recorded evidence that death sentence prevents future offenders..even b4 multipatism in malawi pple were hunged to death but offenders were still there…i think this is good life imprisonment ndipo anthu ngati awa even akaonetse khalidwe labwino they dont drserve presidential pardon amapanga ija

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