Man files for divorce 24 hours after marriage

Man files for divorce 24 hours after marriage

…claims wife is too ugly without makeup

A man from Durban, South Africa, has filed a lawsuit against his wife just 24 hours after tying the knot saying her make up trucked him into believing she was beautiful.

Man files for divorce 24 hours after marriageThe man , identified as Lindo, has told the press that his wife looks ugly when she removes her makeup.

He claims that had he seen her without wearing any make up he could not have fallen for her her hand in marriage.

“When he saw her in his room after the wedding and refused to believe that she was his wife without her make-up. It was like the mask had come off” reported iMzansi.

According to the publication, Lindo who has already filled to have the marriages nullified, is now suing her for fraud and trauma.

In reiteration, the woman has hit back saying he will fix Lindo because the fruit of Eden that he eats does not wear any make up.

“Why is he acting like it gets makeup? Yet, he enjoys it” she has been quoted as saying.




  1. mkazi sikhuku wava kape iwe wagula pasika simawetedwa mwachidule ukakwatire kumudzi kwanu mkaz oti umamuziwa pamene amanyera owk basi wamuonayo nayen kape iwe eti kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Lindo you must be very stupid and foolish. Beauty is in the heart of the beholder. Beauty is not the face. there is the element of growing old too. Stupid man

  3. this was just aN infatuation. it ends. as quickly as it appears. Itt is only with the heart thAt one can see riightly coZ what is essential is invisible to the eye

  4. beauty lies in de eyes of beholder lucky dube sananame apa angosova man wo basi kwatila nkhwangwa bola izikawaza bwino nkhuni kkkkkk

  5. You can hear in your ear whispering “makeup”
    May be his heart ♥ is a makeup
    She is happy because
    She can divorce in one piece
    Lather than in pieces.

  6. ee mkazi kuti aphweke timamunamiza za banja zikatheka zomwe tikufunazo kupasa bail,moti dolo uyu inali style imeneyo kuopa kutchajidwa dola zambiri

  7. no no d guy is playing us ..ol along he hasn’t seen her girlfriend s natural face until she became his wife…ai guy s come on ..u mean she even wear make up in bed….mmmm sumtng fishy here…I jst dnt blive it. he knows y hes divorcing her.unless if he met her in d mng n decides to marry her afternoon.

  8. As she says the fruit of Eden has bn enjoyd ndiyeno zilakolako zatha kumapezano zifukwa? The problem with munthu ndilimeneli. Ukamvula umtaye koma yeah ugly chani zamkutu

  9. Kanti amadoda banye ingudu mxm. Unguban utsho kuwe uye utshate lomfanzi wako? icho awufuni namuhlanje qa. Guyz Beauty of the face is Temporary. Bt a beauty of heart is Permanent..

  10. I think it was a short time affair & they got married with out knowing each you must be very dull

  11. Ukwati simasewera ndi chikole chamoyo onse tiyeni tizionesesa,koma ngati mtima siu kukhutila musiye upeze wina koma osazayambilanso

  12. he had no real love for her,,,the guy is stupid how could he do that,,,,he have lame excuses how could a person ask for hand in marriage to someone you doesn’t knw? foolish,,,,,,

  13. The guy is true,the lady has been hiding her looks in makeup, ,mind u first thing that attracts men ndi maonekedwe zintchito pambuyo…..look at doz 2 pic who can accept that guys…..ladys of today r robbers

  14. Kkkkkk aungabaleke baba qubeka kwenza umshado umuntu wakho wangampela loyo , aunganake ukuth umumbi noma umuhle yena niphathane kahle empilwen yenu._____yoooo dis makes funny

  15. Thats what happens when u go for “beauty” only…from experience point of view,a real woman should be defined by her deeds not the way she does her make up..these make-ups(though to some gals these are make downs) fade within hours..if u ask a gentleman like me,a pure definition of a life partner is the one with beautiful characters..beautiful face comes second

  16. Hahahaha thats very Funny. so u ddnt see Her. The day u got hook up?? Kkkkkk walowa moto iweyo. Oh sorry ndinaiwala kuti muthu wake. Nd waku south africa. Ndimutokotele cha kwao. Komwe kwa zulu natal. Ubambe umoya ndota. Kanti wena awubonanga. Ukuthi umakoti wako uyabeta? Shata naye baba ungabaleke manje.

  17. girls should embrace their naturalarity not these artificial face, hair and boobs. even me i cannot continue

  18. Wat fucks my mind up rgt now is does she does make-up on the whole bodyYall don’t be wastin our energy on some photoshopped shit..unless if u said she ain’t got #pussy but since she does, fuck Lindo, no divorce shall be granted.

  19. i think all of u blaming this guy are jxt crazy.u are being too harsh on him.when choosing a mariage partner,there are positives that u would want your partner to have.this man wanted a beautiful woman& i guess everyone knws what beauty is this woman,editing herself to entice this gentleman.they get married& the next morning the guy see’s her unedited& arrange a divorce.who’s to blame?the guy’s preference was beauty,natural beauty& the woman pretended she’s one.this is a message to all stupid ladies who wear makeups,the guy has done it right

  20. Lindo why can’t you make ur wife look beautiful? what type of beauty ru looking for? do you think you will find a beautiful lady? shame on you!!!

  21. Adm: Ndawona wina anali wakuda heavy koma pano ndiwoyera chifukwa cha make up yomweyo.koma mapazi ake ndi akudabe,mwamuna wake sakumusiya.

  22. Ooooh am agree with him kikikikikikiki but the problem is himself….,,@makwatila-makwatila pofuna mkazi womanga naye banja alwayz patience is needed bcoz it’s like final choice lol!!

  23. Ndiye tisaseke mufumu ija yamangidwa chifukwa chopasa mimba mukazi wamisala sanasate makeup anasata chikonde mwina nayeso amapanga makeup?

  24. Lindo has to continue with the mariage…and continue spending hs money on make up just to mantain the beauty of hs wife.if he continue with that divorce thing it wil only potray how selfish he is.after al he stil enjoys the fruit of eden which has no make up.I saw those 2 pics…shes nt such ulgly.

  25. I strongly believe that the man even more ugly than the devil himself.How could he just do that?She was also created in the image of the MOST HIGH.

  26. Iyeyo adali wakhungu pofunsila mkaziwakeyo, moti watseguka lero maso kuyamba kuona ndikuzidziwa kuti asali okongola nkaziyo? Zinazi nkovuta kuzimvetsa eish!!

  27. Don’t go for looks even this fades away. But the one your heart truly desires will have no compromise, excuse nakadhalika!

  28. kkkkkkkkkk what do u think guyz? Charlie Candan Onol Cree Cee Tallo Usova Wekha Phiri Tawina Chrissy Catherine Mandota Herbert Chiwanda Pelemende WA Bwantasa

    1. Inde Wanangwa sukunama akazi a masiku ano ndi a fake nkhope yoyera, mkono wa brown, mwendo wa black hahahaha! Birimankhwe weni weni kkkkk!

  29. Yakale Kaleyi Kodi Mwatani? Mabodza Newz Za Kale Muxowa Ma Reporter Kodi? Tiuzeni Tizikupatsani Real And Current News 4m Ma Location

  30. Beauty is the heart! But this is one of millions of looking only at one angle of characteristics of a person. How long did they court for him not to notice this? There some out there very beautiful but very rough with the tongue. Dont know house chores such as cooking and washing etc. Rushy job gives rushy results. By the wa,is he handsome?

    1. but who is to blame?these women are a big problem.they edit themselves to entice men.the man wanted natural beauty,that’s his preference& he’s done nothing wrong.u want a woman who can cook& do bra bra bra.thats your choice.what this man want is a beautiful woman,a natural beauty by the way…

    2. If he is looking for natural beauty then he is a failure. He cant see make-up when he sees one. Iam afraid it will take him eternity to find one without make up because he is blind. Please advise him to make it clear to the next girl he wants natural beauty because makr-up makes him blind.
      Yes women edit themselves because men encourage this. We have forgotten natural beauty. Take away wigs from our female,you get a differrnt girl. Some heavily apply deoderants you cant tell their natural smell. Just like males. Take away trousers and see hockey-stick legs. Some with belly stomachs look like child’s drawing. All these make happy marriages because they fall in genuine love and not for display.

    3. that is totally immaturity, marrying a woman based on her appearance its just what other stupid men do, true love comes from heart not from her looks, I would be happy to marry an ugly woman who will be good wife for the rest of my life

    4. i don’t think the man married her for only her beauty..prolly it was because he fell inlove in her unless he tells us that she charmed him..well talking about natural beauty,if that’s what he wants then he should have thought about that before asking her out worse still asking her to marry him…she might be ugly on the outside but beautiful in the inside..not all that glitters is gold..this man needs someone to put some senses in him

    5. Tim Scott she did not tell him she was beautiful. He saw beauty which was not there. Dont we all? We should also note that beauty here may mean anything. Make-up may also mean “pretend”. She never cheated her. Meaning he knew she was not really what the make up was making her out to be. Make-up is not invisible.

  31. Mavuto Womakwatila ndinkhopewa ndiamenewo, mukwatila nazo akazi 30 posaka wokongola. Amzanu amakwatila ndimtima posayang’ana nkhope. Popeza mtima ndipomwe pachokela chikondi.

    1. kkkkk khaya zanu izo! ife Azanu ndiye Stimasakha timangodya zimene zikutayidwazi ndiye ndiwo zenizeni zoti zimawusa mudyo. pa Chisilamu kusala ngati izi! ndi Hallam kkkkk.

    2. Ndimadziwila ine mpakuti ngati utamusambitsa noma atakhala wosawoneka bwino ngati momwe ananenela m’balewangayo m’mwambamu. Akhoza kusalala kwambili.

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