Ng’ambi: I hold no grudges against Mtawali

Robbert Ng'ambi

Malawi midfielder Robert Ng’ambi has insisted that he holds no grudges against coach Ernest Mtawali who dropped him from the Flames squad.

Ng'ambi Robert
Ng’ambi: No bad blood with Mtawali

Mtawali left out Ng’ambi from the squad that faced Zimbabwe in the 2017 Caf Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and that will also play at 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup.

But Ng’ambi downplayed the snub saying every coach has goals which they want to achieve.

“Look, I can tell you honestly that a coach has his aims for the national team and if he wants any player, it’s good,” Ng’ambi told “I can’t say he’s wrong to choose so and so because we all want to play for the country.”

He added that the Flames mentor need support and claimed he will be available when he is needed.

“If I’m selected and I’m benched, that’s okay because he has his own reasons to do so, we just need to support him, I think. I have nothing personal against the coach and that’s why I’m always available when he needs me,” said Ng’ambi.

The midfielder however expressed optimism that Mtawali will pick the right players at the Cosafa Cup.

“I just hope the right players play in the Cosafa Cup and make the nation proud,” said Ng’ambi.

Malawi will play Angola on Sunday in their first game at this year’s Cosafa Cup.



  1. Amutawali dziko si lanu mudzipanga zinthu zot anthu adzisangalala nazo samalani ntchito yanu malume

  2. Mudziko lawo lomwe akumukana koma kuno Ku south Africa ndi number one Ku platinum makape akuwamenyetsawo bwanji akungoti kakaka osagulidwako ndimayiko mtawali nipuludzu vutoso lokhala ni coach wachitumbuka nilimeneli amasanka osewela vutolake ZANU izo ine ndiwa Orlando pirates


  4. Ali Ndi Vuto Kochi Asiyabwanji Munthu Ozisata Zamaseweledwe Abwino

  5. Do u thnk national team can be reinforced by one team like nbb. Just margin 9 plyers from one team the whole country. Is it ntawali to blame or Fam. This is childish.

  6. Akukana ma fight ndi mtawali definitely something is cooking btwn these pipo segregation will cost your job Ernest blv me Ng’ambi is a professional player I see what he contribute at platinum stars but ma coach waaaaaa !!!!Penapake ndiovuta kuwavetsa

  7. Ndisiyeni ndizionera Euro ine,a ntawaliwa andikhumudwitsa.Itatuluka squad ndinadziwa kuti chabwino palibe coz pa center pathu ng’ambi amafunikira and this is the fact.

  8. Mpira Ukuonongeka Chifikwa Cha Utsogoleri Opanda Masomphenya Wa Nyamilandu . Enerst Sanaphunzitsepo Team Mdziko Muno Iwo Ndi Pamene Akumutenga Kukocha Flames. Pa Makochi A Tnm League Onse Palibe Amene Angaposedwe Ndi Mtawali.

  9. Mr Ng’ambi is a man of integrity pls let the coach play around with his selection inorder to build a reputable team, it doesn’t mean anything when the coach withhold you for a game or substute you, salute Mr Gambi !

  10. Ng’ambi mtima mmalo flames inayaluka kalekale olo pawekha sungakwaniritse kutsiliza mavuto ali ku flames mwai wako umenewo zileke team yopangitsa manyazi dziko lonse lapansi ndiye #flames shame!

  11. I don’t know what mtawali is Thinking to hold you like that? The results will be if he loose to Angola he must stop coaching flames. Because he is doing the same Kinah did!.we don’t like that plz!.

  12. Big up Ng’ambi! U arent involved in that uncalled for loss to Zim. Am ready to start supporting the Flames after mtawali is out of position. They will get nothing at Cosafa cup rather continuing humiliatimg Malawians, believe this.

  13. Mbuz yakochi iyi! kudana ndi ma veterans ngat iye sanamenye national team atakalamba? amadana nawe coach uyu imva zimenez ROBERT NG’AMBI.!

  14. No no no aMalawi thats very big lie so which means Ng’ambi got gruges with Chamangwana.Kina phiri.. Chimodzi?the thing is they dont play with oneaccord.Let God intervin basi.Lets nthawi ya a Dosi & Kaudza masina ndi enao mmbuyomo ali pa mpando wa fam presdt malawi imachita bwino osati manyaka alipanowa Flames sidzamva

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