MEC vehicles to be sold by Friday

MEC vehicles

Malawi Sheriffs have opened an auction market for six vehicles impounded from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

In March this year, the sheriffs seized the six vehicles to force the electoral body to settle debts amounting to 90 million Kwacha.

MEC owes MK80 million to Universal Trading Company, MK9.9 million to Platinum Solutions and MK1 million to Transworld Radio.

MEC vehicles
MEC vehicles on auction.

Following an expiry period given to MEC to settle the loan after the vehicles were seized, the sheriffs opened a market for the six vehicles in order to recover the money.

MEC obtained a court order stopping the sheriffs from selling the vehicles arguing that government was involved through the ministry of finance to settle the loan.

But the Blantyre High Court removed the court order, giving a go ahead to the sheriffs to have the vehicles sold.

Confirming the development, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said they are to have the vehicles on the market this week.

“On Thursday people are to come and check the vehicles and Friday it’s when they are to be sold, this follows the expiry of deadlines given to MEC and the High court turned down the injunction a last week,” said Mlenga.

The six vehicles were donations made by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to MEC to help during the 2014 tripartite elections.

Media reports revealed that funds were mismanaged at MEC as millions were reported to have been diverted into private pockets during the 2014 polls.



  1. kkkkk ndimangomva ee mashelif aĺanda katundu woti ee alañda magalimoto ku boma ķodi mashelif wa nďikagulu ka amwenye? coz kadzinaka mkachimweñyemwenye e

  2. Corruption will not spare any such sales as is ussual. Those involved, relatives or friends should not be part cos the market values are never met as was the Ministerial vehicles & many more of which the public robbed.

  3. koma ndiye Cashgate ikuyenda bwino bwanji mpaka kugulitsa galimoto za MEC koma vendor ameneyi

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