Nomads send another apology to its fans


And the poor run of form for the Nomads continue and this time around they have savaged two points from a possible six in their Northern region sojourn after another draw against Moyale Barracks on Monday.

Be Forward Wanderers saw Moyale beat up their two goal lead with a few minutes before the final whistle.


This was after the Nomads were held to a goalless draw against rookies Karonga United-a result the Lali Lubani blamed on the referee.

But they were now looking out for a second win in the league this time around against Moyale and with just a minute of play they had lead through Isaac Kaliati’s goal.

The Nomads kept attacking and for Moyale to settle the affairs it proved hard with Nomads goalie Peter Munthali living up to his task and saved his side from conceding until half time.

In the second half, it was all a scrappy play and a the Nomads had another opportunity to increase the lead. This time they were awarded a penalty after Peter Wadabwa was handled by towering Moyale defenders in the box.

Wadabwa beat Juma Chikwenga in goals for Moyale and it all looked like the Nomads had won it until close to ten minutes when the soldiers scored through a Lloyd Njaliwa strike. He beat Munthali at the near post and the soldiers earned a lifeline.

They had kept on attacking and no wonder with just close to two minutes to play they got a penalty after a scrappy play by the Nomads defenders led to a foul on a Moyale forward.

And standing on to take the spot kick was Khuda Muyawa who all managed to score against a confident looking Munthali and the game all looked to be killed off for the Nomads.

Speaking to the media after the match Nomads team manager Steve Madeira started by sending an apology to the Nomads fans.

”On this one we say sorry to our fans. We had comfortably scored two goals and we though we have won it. I certainly believe that complacency cost us all this.” he said.

The Nomads have come under fire for losing concentration in the last minutes of every match with examples from the game against Mafco a few weeks ago as they got beaten 2-3 with Mafco sealing the winner with just less than three minutes left.

They were also forced to a 4-3 win over Red Lions in a Presidential Cup  clash and the Zomba based side scored all the three goals in the last ten minutes before hitting the post-a goal which would have forced the match into penalties.

The Nomads had then apologized after these results to the fans.

With the result the Nomads lie on position 9 with eight points and Moyale are on position 6 with eleven points.



  1. Iyi team yakhala pachoko kuti yimale,mu superleauge yatondeka yilute ku premier division.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Eya Apology ndiyo yofunika ndeti akudziwa chomwe chikufunika! Ndi ma Members a ku Parliament ya football amenewa! Jersey ilibe vuto koma chikufunika ndi Cordination of Players during 90mins playing time basi. Komanso tikhale ndi Coach mmodzi plus ma players athu amenyere limodzi mpira for next 2 to 3 yrs adziwane. Ikhale ndi 1st 11 Players.

  3. takuonani inu amene mumalemba nkhani zoterezi kuti ndinu atimu ya chingambwe tsono mukukondwa kuti neba wanu akungodilowetsa.dziwani mpira mngozungulira. nanga amadziwa mndani kuti Blue Eagles nkumatsogola? tiyeni tidzingopenya osati kumangoyankhula zonsamveka.

  4. iiii guyz zachisoni kumanoma kusintha coulour kusinthanso mamenyedwe akanakhala Nzawo akanasokosela kwambiri poti lero zili pamutu pawo angoti ndwiii ngati akumetedwa.

  5. Were iz ur coulourz za PP mukuvalazi zikukupatsani tsoka2 izi! look MW national team itangoyamba kuvala zosaziwika bwino zija angoputhidwa samalni ndi thandizo it ll cost worse luk NMC potenga BB anakanila2 maofficial kusitha makaka muziona

  6. Asinthe jersey. Akhala akuvala blue more than 30yrs now kungosintha poyerayera chifukwa cha ndalama,mizimu yakwiya. Timangosintha dzina osati jersey…..zovala zofanana ndi PP sizimakhalandi tsogolo,wina wa orange ndiuja anathawa uja,inunso muthawa nokha muona

  7. Kumangoti titenga titenga leroyu ndiizooooooo mwatenga apology. Ana inu mwano kumangoti timakhala oyamba zinthu zikamayamba premier yayambatu mwasemphana nayo charrity shield yoyambanso yakukanikani shaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Hahahahah each and every game ma aporogy , captain wawo anaperekanso aporogy and he promise his fans kuti ziyamba kuyenda lero ndi iyi ina aporogy yabweranso kkkkkk

  9. I hear Ngonamo didnt travel with the team, the same Jack and Kananji on the bench. Steve Madeila has attributed the Noma’s poor show to the two, saying “It is when these two (Jack and Kananji) r in charge that we perform badly, they r the ones who r taking the team nowhere”.

  10. tiwine tisawine ine ndiwanoma bas panopa tikumangofuna kut tisatuluke supa ligi sitimafuna zambiri timalimbikira tikamamenya ndi neba basi matimu enawa olo azitichinya no problm kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma manoma !!! aaaaaaaah

  11. Izizi ndiye ndizoona ine ndine wanoma koma apapa nde ndizauve bola akanaisiya fans muja inalili paline chikuchitika mmera mpoyamba zimakhala bwino ukamatsogola sumadziwa zoti ndizatsika koma ukamangotsika mmm zimakhala zokaikisa kuti umadzakwera zovuta izi team ndiyanga koma sindingakambe mobisa ayi

  12. apologies wont bring them solutions..they must consider coming up with a sports science team within there executive& that should have a say when buying of now,they need an overhaul.the technical panel is doing its best but a player by player analysis has to be done.they show this problem today,the coach work on it but the players decide to show another problem tomorrow.its either they are not able to get to the opponent’s final third,create half chances or create clear-cut chances but lack clinical finishing.their midfield is completely exposed& the back is dead.i like the chanting the nomads do when the odds turn their way.seing them with gloomy faces is becoming equally interesting than i expected.two more losses for them is all we would like to see….

  13. Why appologising and for how many times? Shame on u neighbor i dnt see the reason of having the likes of Amos Belo who are spending lots of money wealthy for all remaining players…u mean u dnt knw the reason? I am a friend of one of the neighbor players who once told me never all playerz to work hard while other proffessional playerz are geting huge moneys on theor expense….work up the noma executive, work up the noma couches u wont do better till u solve this…..bullets motooooo

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