Six Malawians arrested killing an elephant


Malawi Police officers  in Nkhotakota district are keeping in custody six people for killing an elephant at Nkhotakota Parks and Game Reserve.

According to Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Williams Kaponda, officers from the park arrested one suspect after well-wishers tipped them that he was selling elephant meat.

elephantsThe suspect later on revealed his friends who were also arrested inside the Game Reserve.

Apart from the elephant meat, the suspects were also found with two rifles, a 375 and Muzzle loader, gun powder, two ivories, two cartridges, and an axe.

The six are expected to appear in court soon to answer the charges of hunting and killing protected species (Elephant), illegal possession of protected species (Ivory), illegal possession of firearms, illegal entry into wildlife reserve and conveying weapons into wildlife without permit.

The suspects are Sakondwera Buda, 32, of Nyanga village, Buggard Nyirenda, 53, of Kayontha Village, Yoswa Banda, 52, of Tewete Village, Mcdonald Chunga, 27, of Kambavi village, Yefeta Kaluma, 28, of Kaomba village all from Traditional Authority Kapelura in Kasungu while the sixth Ephraim Banda, 48, hails from Mazwini village, Traditional Authority Mabulabo in Mzimba.



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  2. you can lambast police left and right but one day you will need their service. Look, it is also people like you who make them relax their discipline.

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  5. Release them for they killed an elephant which is a wild animal,these are better than albino killers.Please set these 6 men free,l see them not guilty of anythng

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