#SONA2016 Mutharika bashed for singing same old song

Albinos Malawi

Malawians have punched holes into President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address which he made today in Parliament told.

Mutharika used the address titled ‘Towards recovering and sustainable socio-economic development’ to disclose plans his government want to implement over the next 12 months.

The Malawi leader also touched on several issues including the fight against corruption, the Lake Malawi wrangle, and the country’s dwindling economy.

But observers were not impressed with the address, describing it as empty and saying it lacked any new plans.

One of Malawi’s social commentators Idriss Ali Nassah took to Twitter to urge the president to assess his presidency after such a flat speech.

“Peter Mutharika ought to do a lot of soul searching. You can’t, as president, have a state of the nation that is virtually ignored,” tweeted Nassah.

Another Malawian @Kaykintu dissected Mutharika’s speech saying the president was speaking about the same issues he presented two years ago.

“This speech is full of things people were told in 2014. Nothing new,” he tweeted.



  1. Those bashing the H.E are mere haters en losers …. for those of us who listened to the speech with sober minds without strings appriciated the efforts gvt is making towards the well being of everyone ….. crippled minds won’t take us anywhere!

  2. Mutharika bashed for singing same old song of 2014 by people with crippled brains who have no clue on how a human being can survive in the midst of hardship. Very certain that such people would have been resting in their graves had Malawi’s economy got as far as Zimbabwe’s.

  3. Which people are not interested in him? This is a fallacy, it is a false generalisation. If you are not interested do not put up such a sweeping statement that people are not; it is you who is not.

    1. it seems you guys have run out of news to report … no one can say things that pleases every soul.

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