Woman mercilessly killed in Machinga

Albinos Malawi

A woman who went missing in Machinga district has been found dead and authorities believe she was brutally murdered.

Police in the district have identified the deceased as Angatha Billy.

Speaking with this publication on Wednesday, Machinga police publicist Davie Sulumba said the deceased left her house and went to fetch firewood on 7 May 2016.

Blood.“She took a Panga knife and axe when she was going but she did not return home, the relatives searched for her but they did not find her,” Sulumba said.

The villagers then found the body of Angatha just 350 metres away from her home but in a decomposed state with the head separated from the rest of the body.

This incident has occurred barely a few weeks after a man and a child in the district were found dead in separate incidents with some body parts removed.

The police have since urged the general public to stop killing fellow human beings and said the people of Machinga should not be cheated that certain human tissues can make them money.

Angatha Billy was from Nakonda village in the area of Traditional Authority Nyambi of Machinga district.



  1. Machinga!! Grave diggers! Albino killers! Women killers! and all sorts of vice. Just don’t know what’s wrong with you. Sure you got to be civilized

    1. It’s nothing but information giving. If somebody gives info. for those involved even if he is a police officer justice will flow like water.

  2. Mw siinaonepo zokhoma thus y anthu akungopanga zachamba. Imean tikati tamva kulira kwamfuti ndipatraining yaasilikali bax, sitinathamangepo chibadwire.

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