Opposition parties blamed for Mutharika’s delay

Albinos Malawi

State house has blamed opposition parties for President Peter Mutharika’s delay in appointing new commissioners for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Press secretary to the president Mgeme Kalirani said the parties submitted late the names of their members whom they want to be appointed as MEC commissioners.

Peter Mutharika
Delayed to name the commissioners ;Mutharika

“These parties give out names and advice to the state on how to handle the appointment of these commissioners and this process has taken so long but at last all parties have submitted what they were required to submit,” said Kalirani.

Kalirani said due to the late submissions, Mutharika is yet to appoint new commissioners following the expiry on 17th May of terms of commissioners who managed the first ever tripartite elections.

However, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says government is responsible for the delay since the parties were never given a deadline for submission of the names.



  1. opposition party mcp was waiting for deadline? ok!!!! malawi is sick guys. pathetic to be a malawian

  2. That is midday lies why and how few days ago we all heard that the oppositions parties are ready with the names and they are waiting presdent, so why oppositions blamed now? Its the president himself delaying this because hi want to appoint his own people to those positions.

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