PP angers Mzomera Ngwira

Albinos Malawi

Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora Christopher Mzomera Ngwira has expressed anger over comments by People’s Party (PP) on the issue of dividing Mzimba.

During a meeting on the matter in the district last week, PP Member of Parliament for Mzimba South Maquenda Chunga called those pushing the agenda as a bunch of greedy politicians, saying they have pocketed money.

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira
Ngwira: Irked.!

The comments did not go unnoticed by Ngwira who was earlier this year booted out of PP for misconduct and joined the newly formed Union Party (UP).

Ngwira said it is not wise enough to point fingers at other people when dealing with issues affecting their constituents.

Ngwira and other politicians in the district have been advocating for the division of Mzimba for a long time.

He was later joined by other people in the district especially politicians who are pushing for the division of Mzimba into small districts saying that the district is failing to develop because it is too big.

Meanwhile Inkosi Yamakosi M’mbelwa V has trashed the request of dividing Mzimba saying that the district cannot be divided without consulting his subjects.



  1. What is the population of Mzimba? What is its contribution to Malawi’s GDP? Why cant Mzimba cede as was once suggested by Bofomo Nyirenda? I am told of hearing idiotic trying to draw attention to themselves?

  2. Leave him alone after all mzimba was a tumbuka territory and does not belong to the ngoni anyway……

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