Two in jail over fake notes

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Police in Mulanje district have arrested two men for being found in possession of fake Malawi notes.

Mulanje police spokesperson Grecian Ngwira said the two, Julius Kachala aged 35 and Chimwemwe Malidadi, were arrested separately as they were trying to buy goods around the district.

MoneyAccording to Ngwira, on 11 May Malidadi went to a shop to buy some groceries at Mizimu trading centre but the shop owner was suspicious of a K500 fake note and he reported the matter to Mathambi police unit.

The police followed up the matter and they managed to find Malidadi. They searched the suspect’s house and found a K1000 note and three K500 fake notes.

On 14 May, Kachala went to Chitakale trading centre to buy some items and whilst there he produced some fake notes as payment for the goods he bought.

Police were alerted immediately and conducted a search at the house of the suspect where they found fake notes amounting to K58,100.

The money which had been confiscated will be sent to Reserve Bank of Malawi for examination as police are continuing with their investigations.

The suspects will appear before court to answer charges of being found in possession of fake currency which is contrary to section 23(2b) of Reserve Bank Act.

Meanwhile Police are advising the general public to be on the lookout for some unscrupulous people who want to dupe others by producing fake bank notes. The law enforcers have also warned those indulging in the malpractice that they will be caught and will face the law.

Kachala hails from Matunduluzi village T/A Kalolo in Lilongwe whilst Malidadi hails from Kathumba village in Mulanje district.

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  1. What are the major distinguishing marks between the bank notes in circulation in the Republic of Malawi and the newly declared Peoples Republic of Thyolo and Mulanje?

  2. mulanje ndi thyolo sali ku Malawi, imeneyo nd ndalama yomwe akugwiritsa ntchto. apolis mwalakwitsa kuwamanga.

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  4. Bola a court asakondere, opezeka ndi Mafupa alobino 3yrs opezeka ndi ndalama ya fake 27yrs, kkkkk malamulo akumalawi

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