Phyzix, Mwanache fight for love

Phyzix Dekha Ritaa Chapatali MwanaChe

The saying that ‘there is no intense fight than the fight for love’ has just been witnessed in Lilongwe where a no-holds-barred wrestling involving two hip-hop giants, Phyzix and Mwanache, has just emerged.

Phyzix Dekha Ritaa Chapatali MwanaChe
Lovebirds! Phyzix & Ruth in Dekha

Phyzix who earlier this month tied the knot with his multi-millionaire sweetheart Ruth Kalaisi, released Dekha earlier last week with its music video premièring across Malawi on Friday the 13th as the week closed it’s doors.

In Dekha, the Gamba wa suit twists his violent, gangster lyricism from his landmark Cholapitsa banger, to reveal that he also has a softer side as he is as scared a person upon realizing that multimillionaire songstress has several admirers who are not ready to let her walk down the aisle.

Nonetheless, Phyzix assures Rue of his true love while pleading for her patience. Phyzix fears are warranted with what is being experienced by Mwanache who is on a meltdown after being dumped by his girlfriend for another suitor.

Mkazi ndilibe, dona ndilibe,adandilanda ahh, chidandiluma

Mkazi ndilibe, dona ndilibe, adandithawa ahhh, chidandiluma

Ndizingoledzera ine, ndi zi ngomwa mowa ine, kaya ndifika mawa, ndilibe nazo ntchito

Ndizingoledzera ine, ndi zi ngomwa bawa, kaya ndifika mawa, ndilibe nazo ntchito

Mwanache is now an alcoholic after resorting to binge drinking with the intention of forgetting his unexpected heartbreak.

But who said one lives happily ever after in a single life after all? Mwanache’s newly found buddy, Kachaso, is also the cause of many of his new worries. Carelessly spending his savings on alcohol or losing most of his possessions while in his drunk state greet him the moment he gets sober.

A forgetful Mwanache as the song shows towards the end needs some words of advice, and there was no one who could offer such other than Gwamba whose Nzeru has taken the top stool.

Mkazi Ndilibe is addictive! It is therefore not a surprise that song controlled the Malawi Music chart for a couple of weeks after it’s release.

While Mwanache is, and rightly so, being advised by Gwamba, Dekha by Phyzix has also been pushed from its 3rd position on Malawi Music top 20 chart by Ritaa’s Chapatali that features Dan Lu, another story of love-birds on the prowl.



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  2. ….they are all adults…they know what they are doing….18+…..

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