Man tricks a teenager and rapes her in Kasungu


Malawi Police officers in Kasungu are keeping in custody a 21 year-old man for raping a teenager.

Kasungu Deputy Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza confirmed the arrest to Malawi24.

crime (2)Namwaza said the suspected rapist, Lucius Phiri, was arrested on Friday at Umphawiuwawa village, Traditional Authority Mpomwa in the district.

“The suspect came in this village to look for piecework and due to the good relationship his mother had with the victim’s mother, he was accommodated in the house of the victim’s parents,” he said.

On the day of the rape, the victim went to the bathroom to wash herself and while coming back she met Phiri.

The suspect told the girl that he wanted to initiate her, hence he had to rape her.

Phiri later grabbed the girl and dragged her into the house where he forced himself on her.

After the rapist had finished his evil act, the girl found a chance and screamed for help.

Phiri however got up and started to run away but he was apprehended by community members who later sent him to police.

He hails from Magwalangwa village T/A Wimbe in Kasungu district and he will appear before court soon to answer charges of defilement.

Meanwhile, the victim has been medically examined and the results will be used as evidence in court.



  1. Aaaa if you say teenager what do u mean? pls be spasifik 19yrs old girl is also a teen ager a 13yrs girl is also a teenager

  2. Nanunso Apolce chilungamo mumachidziwa koma kumukakamira munthu basi,Palibe chifukwa chomusungila munthu kundende panepo,Avana sugar ntayen akapitilize kunatsalako.

  3. Nokha mukt 21 wnayo teenager,they are of de same ages palibe vuto pamenepo.Apolisi enanu muli ndi zaka 40 akazanu mwina 22 or below that.So who arrested u kut mukunyengana ndi mwana?Ine am 24 kma ndmanyengana ndi mfana wazaka 14 kma yekha amandkakamira ndpo tmakhalana palibe amasutsa,bwelani kuno mudzandmange.

    1. people if Those guys didn’t a greed for sex that’s rape, even the Married couples if not agreed that’s Straight rape. koma nayeso mahule osewa huh i Understand he is Twenty One for him to get out after Arrest it will Take Time to pull up Himself pity he just pull Himself Down

  4. Look @ it a 21 year person older as he, exposing his private parts to a teenager , oooo, the world is devastating due to lack of knowledge, I know that the law will use the toughest measure to decide the case so as to discourage others who can have the same myth

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