Malawi man rapes two kids as the other three wait


Malawi Police officers in Ntchisi district have arrested a 32-year-old man for sexually assaulting two children.

The incident occurred on Thursday, May 12 2016 at Dete Village.

RapePolice have identified the suspect as Godfrey Leonard of Ndawala
Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in Ntchisi, who
is alleged to have defiled two children of 5 and 3 years old.

It is alleged that the suspect found the victims all five in number
left by their mothers playing as they went to attend garden duties had
one by one and put between his legs where he forced sexual intercourse.

As the suspect was having second victim on his legs was found by
someone who became suspicious and cautioned him after seeing the zip
of his trouser was loosed.

The suspect was arrested with assistance from members of community
policing who also informed victim’s mothers.

Both victims were referred to Malomo Health Centre for treatment whose
finding were that they were in pairs of semen around vagina.

The suspect has been charged with the offence of defilement.



  1. Lol that man has a small dick mayb thats why hez gud at banging little girls, shame on him.

  2. why is it that ntchisi is registering so many rape cases ……?????

  3. very soon u r going two write onother story of the same kind,same district,same T/A where by a man did the same three boys kudambwe and the matter is in the hands of police

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