Man dies after excessive drinking


A man in Bangwe township in the city of Blantyre has died after drinking too much alcohol, Malawi police officers say.

The deceased has been identified by the police as 40 year-old Symon Abdul.

PoliceAccording to assistant public relations officer for Limbe police Widson Nhlane, the deceased went to a drinking joint on Wednesday in the morning.

After taking in too much alcohol he could not manage to walk back home and he slept in a bush. In the evening, his relatives found the man asleep in the bush and they took him home.

But in the morning on Thursday Abdul’s relatives found him dead in his house.

They took the dead body to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital for post-mortem which is yet to be done.

Meanwhile, Police are advising people who drink beer to drink responsibly to avoid fatal consequences.

Abdul hailed from Namonolo village, T/A Katuli in Mangochi district.



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