Lilongwe Water Board punishes ‘untrustworthy’ customers


The Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has this month embarked on a campaign in which it has started disconnecting all illegal connections of water.

The development follows the suing of KS Beverages in the city which got caught red handed enjoying the services of the water board illegally.

waterThis publication has learnt that KS Beverages which sells bottled water and is situated just some metres from the LWB headquarters in Area 3, got illegal connections of water from the board and upon being caught they were dragged to court.

However, some days ago, the owners of the company Stonard Kachere and Tamanda Bonongwe told the Lilongwe magistrate court vehemently that they were no guilty and did not commit the offense.

The development has since forced LWB to have a door to door visits checking all illegal connections of water from the board where they are disconnecting them if found and a case is opened for the connector.

Meanwhile, the Lilongwe Water Board has found over 67 houses rom Area 25 which were as well enjoying the water from the board illegally.

According to the laws of the country, any person found guilty of connecting water illegally is a supposed to pay a fine of K1 million and stay in jail with hard labour for five years.

8 thoughts on “Lilongwe Water Board punishes ‘untrustworthy’ customers

  1. No no no
    Water must be free..
    Every citizen is paying VAT…
    Or money making system…
    All water board people think about it.

  2. Nosense..madzi sakutuluka okwanira and muli busy kupanga punish anthu instead of dealin with the prob @ hand..and what the fuck do authorities @ waterboard do almost evry year, we are facin same water problem and ya give us Shit that the water Level is down, so what measure’s do ya take since evry year we experience hot seasons……Nosense…nde a waterboard ya are bein Stupid and tell ya stupid official with those potbellies to start using their Brains VOETSEK

  3. Ha!ha!ha!water iz lyf,sono inu nzanu walumikiza madzi oti azimwa inu mukamumange coz if wat?m,malo moti mungomulipilitsa ma qubick lirter wamwao!its not fair

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