Malawi music videos to start earning money

Patience Namadingo

The exploitation in the Malawi music industry is nearing its end with the announcement from Malawi24 that it will start paying local artists for their music videos when they are featured on the publication’s YouTube channel.

Patience Namadingo
Patience Namadingo likely to benefit

According to Joseph Dumbula, Managing Editor for the publication, musicians will be given an amount that tallies with the music views they generate on the videos.

“It is sad that artists in Malawi do not earn a penny on the streaming or downloads. Our goal is to offer artists that opportunity that hardly comes from the music videos. Malawi24 will make arrangements and pay artists who reach a particular number of views,” he said.

“These arrangements will be made with the artists themselves. We will also help in promoting and publicising those videos through our multiple social and online media platforms which will help musicians to reach audience in other countries where Malawi24 has a wider readership,” added Dumbula.

He advised artists to email [email protected] or submit a message on Facebook on how they can benefit from the initiative. Alternatively, they can call (+265) 088 8 02 31 61.

Meanwhile, the publication is in talks with Phyzix who will premier his music video this week.



  1. iwe wa malawi24, are u sure momwe alili sir lucius banda aja akuimbile foni kuti apeze kanjepe from u? osangopita ku Association ya oimba bwanji kukawauza za nzeru zanuzo….. mxieww

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