Nkhotakota police named top in crime reduction


Nkhotakota Police Station has secured first position in crime reduction in the first quarter of the year among other police stations in the central region.

According to Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Williams Kaponda, in the first quarter the station has managed to reduce crime by 29.9% while the whole central region has reduced crime by 0.9%.

PoliceLilongwe Police Station has come second unlike last year when it was first and was seconded by Nkhotakota Police Station.

Presenting the trophy to Nkhotakota Police Station, Central Region Commissioner of Police Dr George Kainja said that the commissioner’s trophy is aimed at bringing competition amongst 12 police stations in crime reduction in the central region.

Dr Kainja thanked all police stations for the job well done and urged those below to find alternatives to reduce crime in their respective police stations.

“You can consult Nkhotakota Police Station and ask them how they have managed to reduce crime in Nkhotakota,” said Dr Kainja.

In his remarks Nkhotakota Police Station Officer in Charge Timothy Phiri commended officers of Nkhotakota Police Station for working tirelessly to be named number one.

Phiri urged the officers at Nkhotakota Police Station to maintain team working spirit to retain the position.

22 thoughts on “Nkhotakota police named top in crime reduction

  1. Unless we change our approach to whatever we are doing we are going nowhere and will achieve nothing.The statistical data you are giving us for crime reduction is very appauling but quetionable as to what is happening on the ground.The question is how is chamba channelled from Nkhotakota to other regions?What about other notable crimes in the District?.If you are accurate enough in your presentation then i thank you.

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