Medical personnel’s negligence cost life


Negligence of some workers of Makanjira health centre in Mangochi district has led to the death of a fifteen year-old girl, Malawi24 can report.

health-alert-stopimageAccording to information sourced by this publication, the deceased had delivery complications and an ambulance took her from the health centre to the Mangochi district hospital for further medical treatment.

While the girl was being taken to Mangochi district, one of the nurses in the vehicle stopped the ambulance near a tailoring shop to ask for her clothes.

When they had travelled for some kilometres, the nurse told the driver that she had forgotten her mobile phone at the tailor’s place and she forced him to go back.

After traveling for a few more kilometers another nurse stopped the ambulance to ask for supplies of baobab fruits locally known “Malambe.”

At the time, the girl was in a serious condition and she was losing a lot of blood. She died a few kilometers from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mangochi district hospital spokesperson Harold Kambuluzi said investigations are underway on the matter.

The deceased hailed from Makanjira area in Mangochi district.

55 thoughts on “Medical personnel’s negligence cost life

  1. May her soul rest in peace. I hope atleast that some effort was made to save the unborn baby. Once the investigation is carried out and these nurses and the driver are found to be guilty i hope that they will face the law and maybe do some jail time, maybe there is some lawyer out there who can offer his services to this poor family so they can get some justice, just to make sure that this does not happen again.

  2. Kuimitsa Ambulance Kukumana Ndi Tailor? Kuiwala foni after a few kilometers ndikubweleranso kkwa tailor ? mpamene pagona nkhani apa..Sometimes its good to accept the mistakes we always make in life. I believe that the reporter has just done his duty without bias. There are many jobless trained medical personels out there struggling to get employement. Its my sincere hope that those people in high authorities afufuza mokwanira through kwa driver and guardian . REMEMBER THI IS A VOCATIONAL CAREER.-ndikunena ya chipatalayi

  3. 15 Years Old, Pregnant? We Are Reactive Here, Lets Be Proactive

  4. Normally a nurse is supposed to take care of one patient at a tym until recovery bt in Malawi a single nurse is caring almost 300 patient per day. Jst imagine that cnt u appreciate this bt u turn to accuse and blame someone with jst a single mistake he/she has jst done…..

  5. 2 Much Of Blames Won’t Help Us , It Is Like Football When A Prayer Done A Silly Mistake Pipo Without Skil Ya Yaaaaa Talk A Lot Itz A Habit 4 African I Can Say

  6. Ican igree with this post! Some health centres eish! You wil find that the hospital ambulance is locked in agarage and for the driver to get the keys itell you he knocks! And if you are not lucky you will find the incharge in the middle of their usuall prayers you have to wait for some time in this case,the ambulance can also be used for other functions without proper arrangements at aparticular healh centre and lives of people are at risk iwonder what kind of God do such kind of people worship?

  7. makanjira health centre is 111km from the boma, 27 kms is tared road while the remaining part is gravel, a pregnant lady of that age is not allowed to deliver at a health centre(1) the lady was told to await labour at the District hosp during her antenatal visit, its obvious she didnt take the advice seriously(2) the family and community in general have failed the girl (first) allowing her to marry at that age (second) not making sure that the advice to deliver at a dist hospital is followed.

  8. It’s very sad that life was lost. I am a retired Medical person and i can say that now adays some medical people are not empathy and they don’t love their work as we did at our time but not all of them. There some who are really patriotic.

  9. i dont understand your comments people. Have you read the story bg commenting? Am amedical person too and what happened is a sad story which, as a medic, am very ashamed. Postpartum haemorrhage z an emergency anywhere in the world and these people were dancing on the edges of a knife. Why the stopovers when someone was bleeding, obviously might av hard some tears or an uncotracted uterus….

  10. Malawi 24 I recomend u guy for the job beautifully done to publicise everything that comes in and out Mw. Although other people are using an obsin words aganist u guys,but keep it up brovo Malawi24.

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  12. Makamaka madotolo ongochoka ku sukulu kumene,mumachita mwano ndi mapatient,kukalipa zinazilizonse mpakana mumayankha phone jakisoni ili pa thako,beware your days are numbered,mudzanong’oneza bondotu .

  13. Eeeerh …malawis population is toomuch comparered to Health workers! This totally affect the quality of our health servis systm.Health profesional is a calling ptofional yes bt Health workers are nt slaves.Amatopa.

    A police man working overtime (ganyu) gets k8500 per night becase he is keeping the safety of goods/ money bt k1500 to a health worker ho cares life. Jst imargin a many healthcenter hv only one midwife againt wht ever comes for 24hours

  14. Eeeerh …malawis population is toomuch comparered to Health workers! This totally affect the quality of our health servis systm.Health profesional is a calling ptofional yes bt Health workers are nt slaves.Amatopa.

    A police man working overtime (ganyu) gets k8500 per night becase he is keeping the safety of goods/ money bt k1500 to a health worker ho cares life. Jst imargin a many healthcenter hv only one midwife againt wht ever comes for 24hours

  15. Pilirani Pillirani Matsuka Kaphiri, I totally agree with you! Of course not condoning the behaviour of those two health workers. How can society allow a 15 year old to get married?? You mean she can effectively contribute to national development at that age?? RIP!!!

    1. Pililani, at this point in time people were trying to save a life, not time for reclaimations. What you are suggesting would have come in either earlier or later. Thank you.

  16. izi ndiye zotsatila zozengeleza. Boma likuonelela kwambili zolakwika. Pamenepo mumva kuti transfer. Kuti zinthu ziyende pamafunika nkhanza pang’ono. And anthu sangasinthe ngati satengelapo phunzilo pa wina. Health personnel are supposed to be HIGHLY DEDICATED. You can’t stop an ambulance carrying a patient to check for a dress, look for a phone, check for malambe; pure childish, just as the govt and it’s captain are. #Refebricated, true death is innevitable, but if you don’t want to die you won’t drink termic nor hang yourself. Which is what these nurses did. No excuses.

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  18. Do u know the place? The community ? Their environment ?the distance to the boma? Their mentality? Their beliefs? Their curture? So how was Reckles the doctor or the guaadian ?or it is time that tells?

  19. That’s not tru. Its high time ppo learn that medical personnel dont keep lives in stock…. Death is an unvoidable business plz ppo take note of this

    1. Childish! then what are hospitals for? in this scenario the fact is the nurses stopped the ambulance three times for their trivial errands. #Martin Kathumba, I know where makanjira is, and the terrain, and the culture, and their beliefs; that’s why they were allocated an AMBULANCE to serve them.

  20. But with job scarcity In Malawi they are playing with Job in dat way?hhhhhmmm We hav trained personnels just stayin out here.There must be some roles to keep dismissing these idols.Mxieeew akukhala ngat sazafa bwanji madotolowa akamanyada ndimoyo wachautawu?

    1. Simunakule inu khalani phe.We r talkin of Medical personel here in de world!U kno watai mean ndikat world.Sudziwa kut fans ikumatha kubwera ku college ndikumaiweta mmakomomu? Conduct a general research ngat umadzitsata.

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