Two Seminarians commit suicide


Two seminarians in Dedza district have committed suicide by hanging in separate incidents at Mtendere Seminary, Malawi police say.

Death hangingThe district’s police publicist, sergeant Edward Kabango identified the two as Hollacio Pedro Augusto who was seminarian and Olelio Malamusi who was a student at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Thyolo.

Kabango said Malamusi was staying at the campus where his father is a lecturer.

The police publicist said Malamusi returned home from school saying he had a school fees balance that needed to be paid.

On April 25, the young man went to a drinking point and came home late. He later started stoning his parents for unknown reason.

The next day, April 26, he was found dead, hanging in the kitchen.

On Pedro’s case, Kabango said the young man was suffering from malaria whilst at the school and was admitted at Mtendere mission hospital.

He said the seminarian was discharged from the hospital on April 26 and on the same day he went to the toilet at the institution where he hanged himself.

Malamusi came from Chiphwanya village in the area of Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza whilst Pedro came from Mozambique.



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  2. Inu 24 News please kulani tsopano kumangotsutsidwa ndi ana omwe or tinenekuti chizimba chanu ndi kunamako dzanadzanali munali kuzambiya lero kumtendere kkkkkk

  3. Guyz anthuo aziphadi,kapena ayi??? tiziwe nawo,mungot seminary this,seminary that!! bwanji nanga osafotokoza bwino omwe mukuziwanu kut nafenso tiziwe zowona

  4. What r u up to with ur story? Where is Mtendere seminary? How aunthetic is your story if u even fail to say what d xool is called. Ask if u don’t know rather spoiling ur media’s name.

  5. Mmmmm malawi 24 ndiabodzad bwanji…kufuna kuipisa maseminaletu kumeneku…dziwan kumtendere kuline seminali mukadat st kizito ndkanatsimikiza…..dzatifusen ife okhala mukampasi yamtendere tikuuzen zoona za anthu amenewa osat munamize malawi yonse ai

  6. Mulungu akukhululukileni poonjezera muthuyo ndikhazeni wanga koma sikuntendere wanenako muzifufuza musanatumize? Ndilithipe police noti ntendere,

  7. Hahahahaha mtendere what? I have never heard of this before for the whole of my four years I was at mtendere sec school…..if you don’t know what you want to present please don’t present itoh!!!!!!!!……

  8. Hahahahaha mtendere what? I have never heard of this before for the whole of my four years I was at mtendere sec school…..if you don’t know what you want to present please don’t present itoh!!!!!!!!……

  9. Kodi school ikakhala ya anyamata okha okha ndiye ndi seminary eti? kikikikikkikiki then I agree with the reporter, its a boys seminary school….”mutatis mutandis”

  10. Mudzifunsa kaye musanalembe. Osamanamiza wanthu apa. Ife tili konkuno and tikuzidziwa bwino zonse. M’modzi ndi amene apanga za u Brother pamene winayo was a Student @ MUST

  11. Bodza lenileni. 1. Kulibe Mtendere Seminary, 2. Sanakambeko zokhudza zomwe mwina wamkulu wa Mtendere Seminary wayankhula sinanga akuti “Two Seminarian adzikhweza” Please awa akumangokamba zabodza daily.

  12. kkkkkkkkkkk koma ndiye ndaseka mtendere seminary???????????? koma muli mmalawi mommuno?kkkkkkkkkkk.we have mtendere jnr.rate secondary school which is under marist brothers osati zomwe mukukambazo mmmmm auzeni anthu zooona mw 24 bwanji?

  13. Check your details before reporting otherwise you will lose your credibility. Mtendere is not a seminary. Ask those that are well versed in catholic terminology. To those that have lost their lives, may the Lord who is rich in mercy have mercy on them.

  14. Mtendere Campus kulibeko Mtendere Seminary mwanva mupusapotuh apa kwa athu omwe akukudziwa, fufuzani bwinobwino mupange Edit dzinalo

  15. imfa zadalazo ife ai, and mulungu samakondwa ndi imfa zoterozo so nothing much pitan ku moto anyamatanu, akakulandilan anzanu komweko,

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