Traditional healers’ HIV/AIDS adverts risk a ban


The Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) has urged the media to stop broadcasting adverts from traditional healers in the country. Adverts from traditional healers claiming that they cure different diseases including HIV/AIDS and diabetes have become widespread in the media in recent years.

Reacting to the upsurge in the adverts, MHEN has urged the media in the country to stop broadcasting the commercials from the witchdoctors who are locally known as “asing’anga”

African-medicineAccording to MHEN executive director George Jobe, government need to take action to avoid putting lives of people who believe in traditional healers at risk.

“Our media should not accept everything, if these people have powerful medicines, people will be giving testimony over their herbs and not them going on the media to blow trumpets,” said Jobe.

Jobe further said his organisation is ready to support government in taking action against the behaviour of the traditional healers.

The adverts by traditional healers who claim to treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are also against the laws of Malawi.

The Public Health Act Cap.34:01 Part VIII on venereal diseases stipulates in paragraph 55 that: (i) “No person shall publish, exhibit or circulate any advertisement or statement intended to promote the sale of any medicine, appliance or article for the alleviation or cure of any venereal disease or disease affecting the generative organs or functions, or of sexual impotence or of any complaint or infirmity arising from or relating to sexual intercourse”.

Paragraph 56 further states: “No person, unless he (or she) is a registered or licenced medical practitioner, or a state registered nurse, or other person certified by the Secretary for Health to be competent to diagnose and treat venereal diseases, shall for reward treat any person of venereal diseases or suspected venereal diseases or prescribe any remedy thereof, or give any advice in connection with the treatment thereof, whether the advice is given to the person to be treated or to any other person”.



  1. Zachamba zimenezo muzikapangila kwa azungu komweko kuno ndi Ku africa angakuvumeleni ndani zausilu zanuzo osamanga ma prophet aboza kapena kualesa fuck u fool’s

  2. Conduct a research on these herbs,then if you see that they are fake you can go ahead and arrest these men and you will never stop them by force but after many being arrested,they will abandon the deal.Otherwise,Malawi is a democratic government.Let everyone do what he knows the best.Ena akamalonjeza zabodza m’makampen kenaka nkuwauza kut atule pans udindo anatulapo ndani?Nobody is perfect or faulty.

  3. kodi ma makhwala enawa amachokela kuti? m’mesa mudzisamba momwemu? Long live our herbalist on each and every corner, Yalani ndithu achina mnthubulo,gondolosi ogula tilipo ife.

  4. Amangeni asing’anga onamawa. Edzi yake iti imene akumaichizayo? Asing’anga enieni anali kale osati mbava zangoti mbwee masiku anozi. Shupiti!!!

  5. Cholinga Ma Donors A HIV/AIDS Asathawe Muzilemelabe Eni Matendawo Kumavutikabe? Eeeee Kumeneko Kukodza Kapasi Kuti Kamwamba Kasike.

  6. Thts stupidity at highest level. Has he forgotten that as citisens its our right to decide on our own what to and not to listen to on radio? While ARTs are advertised on media outlets why then should our own prescriptions be barred from enjoying the same broadcastng rights? And yet we wonder why we still are the poorest nation on earth. Instead of advocating for aid to fund the research on these medicines ali apa pulling us bhind! Asa,ths no sense I pray shudt com to pas.

    1. Unless you tel me that your a victim of such impostors. However a recent recent research by ZBS has revealed how counterfeit and low quality drugs has found thea way towards us. Jst incase you dot kno, Herbs are much safier to take than western medicine. Almost every drug has negative effects in th long run,even the Paracetamol tht we take,long time intake may lead to neuro break down.

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