‘Malawi Police officers not behind mob justice’

Malawi police

Malawi Police Service (MPS) has denied reports that police officers are the reason behind the rise of acts mob justice in the country.

Speaking after the arrest of 30 people in Dedza in connection to the death of a murder suspect, deputy national police spokesperson, Tomeck Nyaude, said police are not aiding mob justice.

police malawi
Police officers clear their name (Library)

A few weeks ago, former Member of Parliament for Thyolo Thava, Lifred Nawena accused MPS of being corrupt, a conduct which he said has led to the rise of cases of mob justice since Malawians have lost trust in the country’s police officers.

However, Nyaude said they do not defend criminals as other people think and added that people should not have a bad picture of MPS since they are always committed to follow the laws of the country.

“More people are having a bad picture upon us and they think when a suspect is caught we have powers of setting him free, no its no like that, we just receive complaints.

“We have our own limitations, we only arrest suspect and send them to the court that’s all,” said Nyaude

Nyaude has since reminded the general public not to take the laws of the country into their hands and has called on Malawians to desist from killing suspects.



  1. Apolice ndi mbava finish bcs ntchito akumalembana pachibale mfuti amangobwereketsa kwa mbava mxiewww zaugalu basi kuti mukafufuze intake yapanopayi mukapezakuti palowa zizukulu zawo zokha zokha

  2. I totally agree with the fact that the Police is behind most of criminal activities,armed robery and mob justice. They are good friends of dangerous criminals,they rent out police guns to criminals because of their lower salaries, of late they have even decided to team up with those who are abducting albinos. Just try to board a min bus and reach any road block in this country you will see a trafic Police officer being given a k200 bank note per route per driver to buy the road usage desipite exceeding the required capacity. How many minbuses are searched at the road block? They ( police officers are good friends of law breakers believe you me hence loss of trust in them and resorting to mob justice,probably the best

  3. Police shuold respond in time when conatced by the communities. Go in the village where 30 people have been arrested, 6 incidencies hapened where people have been knifed with dzikanje and they report to Police get letters from police to be assited in hospitals, but all along the police never bothered to go and help the people. Now the people have arrested the suspect and murdered him and the Police is coming in to arrest the people is fair, people acted out of anger when police was not assisting them.munthuyu amakhala panjira usiku kutema anthu, kupha kumene, inu lero mukagwira anthu 30 ndi ana omwe, amayi oyembekezera, agogo, okalamba iwo angaphe munthu?Komanso inu munawaona akupha munthu iwowa

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  5. 30 people arrested go and find out how manytimes did these people reported to Police of how they have been terorised by the suspect who have been murdered but no action from the police. 6 times the community have been reporting to police but no action and others kutemedwa ndi zikwanje in that village but police remain silent. now the people acted out of anger then you are aresting them is there justice are you happy when people are being hacked with zikwanje, go find out what have been happening in the village

  6. A POLISIWA akukana zoona, siamenewa amene akupangisa maweruzidwe a Mob Justice kukula mMalawi muno. Koma a makhoti ndi amene akukolezera mchitidwewu. Munthu akapha mzake 10yrs jail, Akaba 9months jail , Wothawisa ma Albino MK2000 fine, Wokwatila wachichepere 14jail. Wokwatilana same sex/gey no jail or zimathera bail bond. These police r doing appreciatable job of arresting all offenders bring them before courts gudges. I appeal u police not grant bail bond to any suspect offender till justicetrail

  7. They can’t deny that, they are the source you can’t arrest a criminal with enough evidence and just free him within some few minutes/hours in so doing this mob justice’ll never come to an end, l’m ready to do that fight back to those thugs using live ammunitions to protect my belongings without favour

  8. Too much coruption in malawi police no wonder people will never ever stop mob justice , and its very unfortunate to hear Nyaude dinie the fact that police officers are corupt

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