Pastors want gays arrested

Samuel Tembenu Malawi Justice Minister

The Young Pastors Coalition of Malawi (YPCM) has called on government to arrest homosexuals in the country.

The call comes after a local human rights grouping Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep) released research findings which indicate that Mzuzu city alone has a population of 4,000 homosexuals.

Samuel Tembenu Malawi Justice Minister
Tembenu: Pastors should concentrate on saving souls

The survey by Cedep was conducted to establish HIV/Aids and socio-behavioural characteristics amongst people of the same sex.

Despite same sex relations being outlawed, Malawi government has been reluctant to arrest and prosecute homosexuals.

The survey results have angered the pastors who argue that the study was conducted as part of advocacy to promote homosexuality in Malawi.

“We want the group that conducted the survey to present the names of the 4,000 homosexuals to police so that they can be arrested and face prosecution,” argue the pastors in a statement.

“This statement should warn officials like the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector General of Police to take action and treat any homosexual as a criminal, the same way thieves are treated as criminals.”

The statement has been signed by the coalition’s director Patrick Banda and general secretary Tusalifye Mbeye

Responding to the call, Malawi’s Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu has advised the pastors to concentrate on their work instead of interfering in state matters.

“Let our pastors continue doing their good work of saving lost souls. However, they should let experts in human rights, constitutionalism and law enforcement to do what they are supposed to do,” he said.

Cedep executive director Gift Trapence has echoed government and labelled the call as retrogressive.

Said Trapence: “Such calls are retrogressive considering that government’s moratorium shows government’s commitment to review gay laws.

“Pastors should remember that we live in a free society. People are free to associate and enjoy human rights.”



  1. How caN a SataNiC PresideNt agree that gays mus b arrested?

  2. The Pastors are the ones who are committing a crime,or do you get off the hook for fraud and grand-larceny?Religion is a scam,based on lies and greed,designed to enable leeches to steal from suckers without any consequences.
    Gay people can’t change the way they are born,can you?

  3. hello mr tembenu,surely I got u well and u said, ‘the clergy should concentrate on saving the soul.” the clergy are really saving the souls and in this case its those of the homesexuals-yes they are the lost ones and abomination to God.let them do them do the will of God and you shouldnt even yourself do ur part and let the anointed ones do theirs too.

  4. Being a free society doesn’t mean that everyone should do he/she feels to do thereby mischiefing in a society!no!

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