Complacency behind Flames home loss


‘’After they scored their goal they thought they had killed us, but then when you are on the lead you always need to keep attacking, but they did not and we fought back and won it’’ Guinea coach Fernandez Luis summed up the 2-1 win over the Fames in Blantyre yesterday in the 2017 African Cup of Nation (Afcon) qualifiers.

According to Luis,  if the Flames kept playing as they did just after the goal from a powerful header by Chiukepo throughout the match, they should have won it in the end.

Luis could not hide the praise of his boys calling the comeback to win away as ‘remarkable’.

He said’’ We are happy as a team and the spirit of hard work saw us win. Unlike our opponents, we worked hard and in the end we have the an important win away from home which is really a boost for my side.’’

Flames stopped attacking.

He then said that high balls that his boys mostly won in aerial combats was a tactical plan having noted that most Malawian players were shorter.

This is what saw Isaac Kaliati and Chimango Kayira find troubles to stop Lamie Mohammed Yattara who netted a brace for the visiting side as well as Seydouh Soumah, taller players in the midfield.

Malawi scored in the 33rd minute before the visitors pulled back at just a minute away from recess until they won it in the second half through another scintillating strenuous header from Yattara, beating youthful Brighton Munthali in similar defensive errors like the first goal.

The Flames now sit bottom of Group L with two poits while the National Elephants have skyrocketed to second with five points, with a greater goal difference against Swaziland, while Zimbabwe have eight points at the summit.

The Ernest Mtawali boys will travel away to Zimbabwe before playing at home to Swaziland.

The Flames lost 1-2 to Zimbabwe at home and drew 2-all with the Swazis away.



  1. It’s better for the govt to spend more cash on ARV’s than for the nation team. We don’t know football …..!!

  2. It’s better for the govt to spend more cash on ARV’s than for the nation team. We don’t know football …..!!

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  4. Da only solution 4 Malawi National Team is 2 disolve it,dare is no need 2 continue playing soccer yet we r just wasting money in soccer 4 nothing,its better 2 use dat money 4 Other development activities

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  7. Why does our team always pass high balls to strikers? That is a prayer not a strategy. If you watch all the games we have lost or drawn, it is the same approach..kick a high ball in the direction of a teammate and hope for the best. What happened to ground passes?

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  14. poor coach,poor result,poor management and poor goalkeepper shame to flames tangotengani nyasa big bullets shud clear zis rubish.

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