Teenager defies the odds in Chanco polls

Vitumbiko Thindwa

Vitumbiko Thindwa, a 19 year-old third year student pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in education language, has ascended to the position of speaker in the Chancellor College Student Union (SUCC) having tremendously gone ahead of two male opponents in last week’s polls.

Thindwa faced Andrea Naweta, and Yasin Daudi who were also vying for the mouthpiece position.

It proved to be hard among the Chirunga community to predict who was going to grab SUCC’s most prestigious position but less fingers pointed at Thindwa as the next speaker.

Vitumbiko Thindwa
Thindwa defied odds.

Twelve hours after polling, results were released. The good and the bad news spread across social media platforms like an epidemic.

It was a moment of mixed emotions when Vitumbiko Thindwa’s name topped the race.

Tears of joy oozed from eyes of feminist students who felt female representation is very low in the union.

Thindwa scooped 707 votes seconded by Naweta who got 241 votes and Daudi came last with 207 votes.  

Her triumph came as a shock to a large segment of male students whom this journalist approached to grasp their prediction.

They had undoubtedly counted her out of the race, citing her gender as a villain.

However, a selected few expressed their confidence in Thindwa irrespective of her gender and age, factors that were being used as weapons for decampaigning the lady.

A day before the polls, Thindwa was spotted spitting a word of hope amidst an eager group of male students at Quadrangle square, at the College.

This journalist rushed to have an ear of her few words.

She said: “I will put student’s welfare ahead of personal gains and I can assure you that am ready to handle pressure of any intensity.”

Reacting to her victory, the 19 year-old extended her vote of thanks to the Chancellor College Intelligentsia for trusting her.

She promised never to throw her manifesto into the trash bin but put into practical whatever she scribed.

Being the first female speaker in years, she is expected to ensure equal representation of all genders.

Her victory has given hope to other females who have been hiding under the blanket of inferiority. It has been a norm at Chanco that a female cannot be a speaker or be an office bearer of any prestigious position.

Other females who were elected in the executive are; Esther Khao as vice president, Esther Bonyonga as director of women affairs, and Janet Mgawadere as committee member.

Here is the full list of the new SUCC executive:

President: Sylvester Ayuba James

Vice: Esther Khao

Speaker: Vitumbiko Thindwa

Vice: Watson Mbughi

Entertainment Director: Omega Sambakusi

Vice: Yasin Makwinja

Director of Women affairs: Esther Bonyonga

Director of Publications: Fanuel Matandika

Vice: Chisomo Shaba

Director of Catering: Treazer Kambote

Vice: Richard Mwanza

UMSU representatives: Godfrey Pumbwa and Fiskani Nkhoma

Director of Sports: Macdonald Matalala

Vice: Elvis Kasaile

Treasure General: Timothy Chikoti

Vice: Trevor Mphalale

Director of Special Needs: Thandizo Maziyaya

Director of Academics: Johannes Changata

Secretary General: Edward Chilenje

Vice: Mike Munthali

Committee Members: Janet Mgawadere, Ephraim Zulu, George Mwandama, and Eliya Zawanda.



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  3. Is this what u call good news? Am from Lilongwe TTC l was selected to a President but my story was not written on your stupid newspaper, now come Chanco and u appreciate …Zopux Zachamba, what’s the benefit to us? Nonsense ….Apart from that there are many teenagers in Malawi, not Chanco only…FUCK DA DA WRITER..

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  13. Ayuba deserves the presidency coz he started his campaign from afar,,, it oz even before i joined chanco intelligentsia,, now he deserves the top post…for the newly elected succ speaker, congrats but pliz stand the heat as the post z very challenging and u nid to consider the intelligentsia’s views during GAs,,, congrats to the rest executive,,,,as regards to yrs, dont cheat us,,, si ka teenager aka,,, she shud b over 23 not that

  14. hahaha if you have said a teenager then all the Universities in Malawi are full of teenagers. Please be wise in your reporting this an’t a teenager.

    1. tell him!

      za ku xul zitikhudze?

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    1. sorry bro am a Ngoni but i dislikes the way u have spoken

      mind u we are in mult-tribalism/mult-culturalism society so think b4 typing

    1. It is possible, STD 1 at 4yrs.. Plus 4yrs of Secondary 16yrs. plus 3yrs of University lavel we come up with 19. Bolani osabweleza ma class ena which is possible nowerdays.

    2. Abale pilizi my sister is 19 @ chanco 3rd yr yomweyo. Kodi ukachedwa nayo ndionse? Haha pilizi. Sanadunphileko class anayamba std 1ali ndi zaka 4.

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