Misfiring Nomads worry Chamangwana

Jack Chamangwana Malawi Football Wanderers FC

Mighty Be Forward Wanderers coach Jack Chamangwana has expressed concern over his team’s inability to score goals.

Wanderers once again struggled to impress in the build up to 2016 season as they played out a goalless friendly draw with Zomba United on Sunday.

Jack Chamangwana Malawi Football Wanderers FC
Chamangwana: Worried.

The lack of consistency and fluency in Zomba came three days after an underwhelming performance in a 0-0 draw against Nsanama.

However, it was the Nomads front line that endured a frustrating spell on the pitch as they spurned a number of decent opportunities that were enough for the former Flames assistant coach to question his team’s inability to convert chances.

“We are failing to convert our clear cut chances into goals,” he said after the match.

“In our previous game we created 12 to 15 chances but we never converted them into goals and we did the same today creating 15 chances and convert none, which is quite a concern”.

Chamangwana however conceded that there is a lot of work to do to get their frontline ticking.

“We have to work hard to make sure that there is coordination in our team, we have to encourage our strikers that they should score goals and they must be well composed in front of the goal,” he said.

Wanderers’ next game is a charity shield encounter against their sworn rivals Nyasa Big Bullets who were beaten by Silver strikers in a high profile friendly match played over the weekend.



  1. Since the time of Aggrey kanyenda the Nomads high failed to produce another top striker wich will remain a concern to any coach coming to nomads but still better results are yet to com.NOMA 4 LYF!

  2. izi ndeeee za chamba uku thandizila National team (flames) umaykhuraso zomwezi kdi striker wa mtundu wanji amene umafuna iweyo??

  3. Mukamagula mapuleyawa mukumatenga ma difenda kapena ochinya zigoli vuto silanu akochi koma mulibe mapuleya ochinya zigoli simungaphuzise kapindidwe kamwendo kwanu ndikwawonjezela mzelu zomwe alinazo kale ndine wa mawule koma ndimakufunila zabwino neba

  4. usamale coach takhumudwa mokwana ino ndinthawi yosintha zinthu ukonze pamene pakuvutapo ukulephela tizakutumiza kumuzi

  5. kodi iwe ntchito yako ndiyanji? ukonze zimenezo mofulumila other wise u wll be fired k! i don’t want to see performance like for last season

  6. What is this guy trying to tell us? Does it mean that they are strikers who can not be trained how to do it good or he has failed? We need to know coz between the two parties mbali yolepherayo ichoke basi nothing else

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  8. iwe vuto ndinu ma coache kod simuwaphuzitsa ntchito ya striker inu a chamangwana nde mukubwela apa mkudandaulira ndani mtakhala coach ndinu…. ife tipangepo chani ….. i love NOMA MORE THAN momwe iwe ukuikondera because uli konko kaamba ka ntchito. tawauze anyamatawo kut what is a striker and amagwila ntchito yotan mu ground

  9. Be calm Mr Chamangwana,the players are ready to perform wonders this season,you will agree with me after seeing our team scorching opponents.

  10. Akati Coach ndiye kufunika kuunikila zinthu ngati zimenezo ndikuzipezela zida zothananazo.munthu yake ndi mfuti nanga mpila ndi chani??????????????

  11. Mwayambapo2 yet league sinayambe hede!! muxova ife FISD WIZARDS bola tinayalur nkhawa njema.A real supporter of Wizards

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