ATI bill stalls again

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika

Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa- Malawi) has expressed worry over the delay in tabling the Access to Information (ATI) bill.

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika
Parliamentarians in the National Assembly never tabled the bill.

The ATI was expected to be tabled in the just ended parliamentary session but government now says it will be tabled in the next sitting of the national assembly.

This has disappointed Misa-Malawi who says failure to table the bill is depriving Malawians of their constitutional right to access information.

“We expected the ATI to be tabled in the just ended parliament session and these delays are depriving Malawians of their right to access information,” said Misa Malawi president Thom Khanje.

He added that the gazetted bill has some problems and it will not help Malawians if it is passed in its current form.

Khanje further said that the ATI is a constitutional matter and Malawians have to wait a little longer for the bill to become functional.

He asked government to ensure that the bill is tabled in the national assembly as announced.

During the just ended parliamentary session, the Media Committee of Parliament said that the ATI bill will be tabled in June.



  1. Malawi as a country belongs to Malawians.Any Leader or politician who pauses as if He owns Malawi is STUPID.We want ATI Bill to be passed.

  2. Anakupusisani ndi manifesto yawo yija.Amangofuna kuti muwavotere basi.Mesa ankati adzachepesa mphamvu ya president? Lero bwa akuchita kukana ngati sananenepo.Imeneyo nde diphiphi.

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