Ebola fears cleared out of Guinea, Flames match

Malawi Flames

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and Confederation of African Football (CAF) have cleared Guinea to host the Malawi national team in Conakry on March 25.

Malawi Flames
Flames (red) clear to play in Guniea,

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) wrote CAF seeking guidance following reports of new Ebola cases in Guinea. CAF then wrote the UN agency who has since said that Conakry is free from Ebola.

“Many thanks for your message! The cases are in Nzérékoré in the forest area and do not pose a threat to holding match in Conakry. There is no travel restriction to Conakry,” reads a message from Dr Socé Fall, director of health security and emergencies at WHO regional Office for Africa.

Initially, FAM had reportedly written FIFA and CAF to consider shifting the match to a neutral ground.

The Flames face Guinea at 28 September Stadium on Friday in the 2017 Afcon Qualifier between Flames and Guinea and a return league will be played on the 29th March at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

The team is currently in Sierra Leone where it will play a strength testing match this afternoon before flying to Conakry later in the evening.

(Additional reporting by Frazer Zakeyu)

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  2. Komatu Ebola simasewera makosana mwaiwala kale et?palibe ma team ena ? mukufuna kudzatimalizira mtundu kodi?Tilimbane mjala ndiye mukutiputiraso zina .

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  4. But once they contract they should also write CAF & WHO to come and remove ebola in Malawi remember they were doing the same with aids now is killing us, this is a very serious issue we r already in problems

  5. Africa live update,
    More than 800 people in Guinea in quarantine’ over Ebola
    Posted at 12:42
    The medical authorities in Guinea say they have traced hundreds of people who may have come into contact with the Ebola virus after a fresh outbreak left four people dead in the south east of the
    country. The Reuters news agency is quoting a spokesman for Guinea’s Ebola co-ordination unit talking on state television
    saying that 816 people from 107 families since Saturday have been identified as possibly having had contact with the
    He said they would be placed in
    quarantine for three weeks.
    More than 11,000 people died in the outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone which began in late 2013. All three countries have experienced
    sporadic flare-ups since the disease was brought under control.

  6. Matendao ndiye good news anthu akuvutika ndi njala Kwanuko nanga akazabwela alendo azadya chani bcz in malawi pipo their sleeping with stomach empty

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