Strange pig disease outbreak hits Mzimba


There are fears among pig farmers in Mzimba that they will end up losing their livestock following an outbreak of a disease that is attacking pigs in the district.

A local radio station reported last week that three locations at Mzimba Boma have already been affected by the strange disease.


The disease is spreading from one pig to another through direct contact and a number of pigs have died at Chanthomba, Chimkusa and Engalaweni areas at the boma.

However, the Mzimba District Animal Health and Livestock Officer said his office is yet to see a pig that has been affected.

Philemon Mtete said the Malawi government is yet to know the type of the disease as his office has not come across a dead pig for them to get samples and to conduct tests.

He further said owners of the pigs are hiding affected pigs fearing that once they report to authorities they might end up getting nothing when the dead animals will be disposed.

Mtete said when officials visit affected areas; farmers claimed that they have already disposed the dead livestock.

The officer however, warned that what farmers are doing in hiding cases might result in further spread of the disease due to movement of dead animal products.

Mtete appealed to the general public to report cases of suspected attacks of the disease for his office to have a chance to collect samples and to establish the kind of disease so that they come up with possible solutions on how it can be prevented.



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