Malawi Hunger: ADMARC officials cashing on situation

Officials at ADMARC depots selling maize at high prices secretly.

As hunger continues in Malawi following depletion of maize in the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) warehouses and the Strategic Grain Reserve (SGR) it has emerged that officials in the markets are taking advantage of the situation and cash on the local people who have no alternative.

A Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) Research so far has already revealed that an ADMARC official was arrested in Machinga after being caught selling 200 bags of maize to vendors.

Meanwhile Police in Salima has arrested a Sengabay ADMARC cashier Ellena Sopo 37 of Mcherewatha Village T/A Msamala Balaka District and her accomplice, Henry Chawinga 36 of Mwachande Village T/A Chikulamayembe Rumphi District, a hired transporter and a vendor Symon Tembo 37 of Benjamin Village T/A Simphasi Mchinji District but based in Sengabay for conniving with Government property(maize).

It is believed that the  transporter was assigned to carry 400 bags of maize from Salima ADMARC to be shared equally in Sengabay and Lifuwu satellite depots but before reaching the said satellite depots he agreed with the cashier to stop the vehicle at Chima Factory along Salima-Sengabay road with intent to sell 15 bags of maize to the said vendor which the really did.

Soon or later information reached the police who made a follow up and managed to arrest the trio and 15 bags of maize recovered.

According to Salima Police Police Publicist, Gift Chitowe says all the suspects will appear in court soon to answer Theft charges.



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  2. Did you not read the news that Malawi Congress Party, through Chakwera had splashed millions of kwachas to Admarc officials inorder to sabotage maize distribution in Admarc depots? Why do you think the opposition folks are barking at govt like mad dogs like that? Whenever they talk in parliament or outside parliament, all you hear is; “People are dying of hunger out there! This govt is merciless!”, yet chakwera knows deep down his merciless heart that he is just jumping the political ship. Useless opposition. Chakwera is BAD OMEN in Malawi. Kkkkkkkk

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  4. Bro Chirwa Edwart I know that our Gvt is very weak but the problem is we forget that we r Gvt 2 n moreover that we not loving each other I’m not on the back of gvt coz I’m the one who is facing this problem as well but we hv to look both side


    1. GVT is weak,where z Security machinery ? If Police can arrest a student expressing his Opion in the street,what more with Thieves in Admarc depot.

  6. It’s a habit! Always when hard time like this come, they take this time as one way of improving their living standards(amanena kut mbuz imadya pamene ayimangilira, mbuz!!)

  7. I wonder why this is news. It’s an open secret that Admarc officials do cash in on this hunger – big time. To them hunger has been, and will ever be their blessing in disguise. Their prayer is: “Please let it not rain.”

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  10. Ndipo its sad. Anthu ovutika akuphwanyilidwa ufulu wao, akulephera kugula 10kg bcz ena akugula 10 bags at the same admarc. Atolankhani thandizani anthu mukamutulutsa mmodzi poyera enawo atengelapo phunziro!!

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