BWB to tap water from Mulanje

water crisis
water crisis
Water to be tapped from Mulanje for delivery in Blantyre.

With Blantyre city residents facing acute water shortage every year, the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) plans to start tapping water from Mulanje.

BWB says it will begin drawing water from Likhubula River in Mulanje to distribute to people in Blantyre and surrounding areas.

Acting chief executive officer Henry Bakuwa said the board will start the work when Parliament approves funds for the board.

“We will start tapping water from Mulanje Mountain when parliament approves funds for the board in the next Parliament sitting,” said Bakuwa.

Bakuwa added that the project will boost the supply of water in Blantyre city and surrounding areas. He said the project is expected to start on 1 July and it will take one year and six months to be completed.

According to Bakuwa, funding for the project will come from the Indian government while the ministry of finance will disburse the funds with approval from Parliament.

He said the approval of the loan is not amongst the bills to be discussed in the current sitting of Parliament hence there is need to wait for the next session of the National Assembly.



  1. Just an idea.looking forward for its implementation. Or Else use it as we’re approaching 2017with campaign ahead in order to draw closer more votes in 2019,

  2. We need longtime measures not temporary. Construct a new dam for Blantyre as the city keeps growing. We suffer because we don’t plan ahead. Malawi isn’t semi-arid but we suffer more than such countries. Let’s ask ourselves why.

  3. Water resources in Mt. MULANJE are being depleted due to heavy deforestation. Soon there will be no water.

    1. they hv ideas but the problemz is resources. even Escom had plans to construct power stations way back in 90’s but they dont hv funds to do so. (political will)

  4. WOW, Good idea if implemented.
    Likhubula, Ruo and Shire rivers are perennial and one wonders why such ideas did not come forth by the previous administrators.
    Please find fund elsewhere because if implemented it will improve the city’s revenue tremendously.

  5. inu. asogoleri ali kumalawi. sindikudziwa kuti amaganidza bwanji. inu Tili ndi nyanja. ya. madzi a flesh. abwino. koma kukanika kupanga saplay allover malawi. madzi angoonongeka

  6. A BWB chonde stop kutumiza ma bill onama.Munthu mwezi oyamba bill K10,000.Mwezi wachiwiri K12,000.Wachitatu K800.Zoona zenizeni ndi ziti and yet timakhala anthu atatu basi!!

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