Amnesty tells Malawi to protect albinos


Human rights group, Amnesty International, has ordered the Malawi government to protect people with albinism in the country.

The group made the directive in reaction to a sickening discovery of the severed head of a child with albinism five days after the boy was abducted from his home in Machinga district. The nine year-old boy’s head was found wrapped in a cloth 20 kilometers from his home.

Albino attacks on the rise in Malawi. (Google images)

Amnesty said the discovery shows the “grave danger faced by people with albinism in Malawi” and “reinforces the urgent need for the government to protect” the vulnerable group.

“The government must immediately take steps to ensure the safety and security of people with albinism and their families, especially in border districts, and provide much needed protection for this vulnerable group who are increasingly being targeted for their body parts. These ritual killings must stop,” said Amnesty International’s Director for Southern Africa, Deprose Muchena.

Amnesty also said that “lack of adequate police protection” has contributed to vigilante murders in the country. The group cited Tuesday’s killings in Nsanje where a mob burnt to death seven men who were found with bones of a person with albinism.

Muchena said: “Vigilante violence targeting suspects of any crime is unacceptable. The government should encourage the public to report anyone they suspect of involvement in criminal acts to the police who should investigate the crime. Justice cannot be achieved by people taking the law into their own hands.”




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  7. Killing a human being is a sin ,so everyone found guilty of killing must rot in jail ,no bail 4 him.This is a serious issue anyone must be a protector for albinism

  8. The calls for govt to protect albinos are quite suprising and very confusing. How do you think govt can protect albinos in Malawi ? Is it by building one big kroal for them and then provide maximum security? Or is it by assigning one or two police officers to look after them? Tell me, how can this be done? If I may ask, what do you mean by saying govt should protect albinos? Is that govt, you are calling, a human being or a community or something with a human mind? This battle is for every patriotic malawian to make sure that our brothers and sisters with albinism are safe because they stay with us in our communities and not govt. When advising, please, be specific and talk sense.

    1. U senseless, u know nothing about it, why do we report to police if we see somthing strange? And this call came after a nine yrs old boy abducted from her mother in there community, cant u see something here? Why dont we invite our community members to deal wth it? Wakeup bro, this is just a call to wakeup this f****d up government. May b u belong to DPP, but sorry we need strong security.

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  11. Chuma cha magazi chanucho, mudzachitsiya nanunso lanu lidzakukwanirani olo muzipha ma albinowo, ndife anthu ofana palibe kusiyana kulikonse, mutsiiretu chitidwe umenewu

  12. Chuma cha magazi chanucho, mudzachitsiya nanunso lanu lidzakukwanirani olo muzipha ma albinowo, ndife anthu ofana palibe kusiyana kulikonse, mutsiiretu chitidwe umenewu

  13. I agree with you Gibson that many of us knows the people who are practising this.but we are just watching them. One day they will murder our beloved ones thats when we will feel the pain. Malawians let us unite in fighting this. Let us made Malawi a safe place for Albinos. My request to the government and NGOs to establish a strong immune for this people. Childern are also included in this chapter especially those who are living in the villages. Their rights are violated each and every day. So the government need to establish courts where they can leave their complains. Am talking about children form the age of 12 and above.

  14. For your own information,you are saying the people of Malawi must not take the law in their own hands. However,the Malawians can not stop this unless there is adquate protection from the Police.

  15. A cry to all peace loving, caring Malawians and a list of how good people that we are is endless, please lets join our leadership in the country in the fight against all sorts of criminal activities.The killings of innocent people(albinos)happens in our communities and truely speaking, many of us knows the people involved in this.Why can’t we stand
    against it? A lot of good things are happening in the country however being hindered by the bad things like this.Together we stand, divided we fall.

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