LL Mayor to work with NGOs in cleaning city


Mayor for Lilongwe City Willie Chapondera has pledged to work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order to make the city clean.

Chapondera was speaking when a NGO called Our World International (OWI) conducted a sweeping at Area 23 market in the capital city.

Willie Chapondera

Willie Chapondera: Lets work on our environment.

Chapondera said Lilongwe City Council on its own cannot manage to make Lilongwe clean but active involvement of other organisation is the only positive weapon of reaching the goal of a clean Lilongwe city.

He then commended OWI for carrying out the exercise.

“I am deeply satisfied with what OWI has done, this is indeed a great work and my office is promising to help this NGO in all possible ways,” the mayor said.

On his part, OWI Chief Executive Officer Stephen Chiunjira said they decided to conduct the exercise in order to make Lilongwe city clean.

He said it is high time for people who mismanage waste to realise that they can be making money if they can be using these wastes as manure.

“People must now make money from wastes, they can let them to decompose and then apply in their gardens unlike using inorganic manure because of its expensiveness and health complications caused by this fertilizer to people,” he said.

Area 23 Market Chairperson Chipiliro Fato has acknowledged OWI for deciding to sweep Area 23 market among all markets in Llongwe.

OWI works hand in hand with students from various primary and secondary schools in Lilongwe.

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