Sustain ACB funding or forget about cashgate

Joseph Chunga

One of the political commentators in the country says there is a need to come up with a secure funding for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB ) so that it is not paralysed by underfunding.

Chancellor College based political analyst Joseph Chunga says new mechanisms of funding the ACB are needed so that the funding aspect should not become a problem.

Joseph Chunga
Chunga: ACB needs secure funding

“’There is need to come up with a secure funding so that the bureau is funded well and for it to stand neutral,” said Chunga.

However, for a long time the ACB has been failing to prosecute government officials because it is not independent. On this issue, Chunga said the ACB should be politically independent in order for it to operate freely.

“’The independence of the body cannot be influenced by the appointment of its directors so there is need for it to be independent so that government is not able to control it’,” he said.

In Parliament on Thursday, members passed a motion seeking to ensure total independence and tenure of office of the Director and Deputy Director of the ACB by amending Section 5 (1) of the Corrupt Practices Act.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South West, Peter Chakhwantha, moved the motion which the House passed after a rigorous debate.

The motion sought that an Amendment Bill on the cited section of the act be drafted forthwith and presented to the House to transfer the powers of appointing the two ACB office bearers to the Public Appointment Committee of Parliament.

It further sought that the appointment should be based on merit and through an open recruitment process and that the director be reporting and answerable to Parliament through the Public Appointment Committee.

The parliamentarians observed that the amendment would grant the office of the ACB total independence to investigate and bring to book anybody in conflict with the Act regardless of his or her status.



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  2. Maybe it ll work with that way! Cos all cases end with bail out that’s all but though ACB ll b funded MW gvt officials r thieves with no Mercy or shyness, nothing ll change

  3. you dont know that you are batraying your self once you talk about cashgate it means everyone in authority is stealing taxpayers money including you, exposing yourself


  5. We are a shameful nation, Cashgate has never happened in the world, it is as if Malawi has a national university where people study theft and corruption, and graduate as skilled thieves ready to meticulously plan, skillfully cordinate and succesfully execute the stealing mission, Most of these cases will not see the end believe me, wake up Malawi from your deep slumbers.

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