Mzuzu council to pull down billboards

Mzuzu City
Mzuzu City
Mzuzu City

The Mzuzu City Council (MCC) has warned billboard owners that their adverts will be pulled down for non-payment of site permit rental fees.

In a statement signed by MCC chief executive officer, Mcloud Kadam’manja, institutions which will not have paid the rent by March 4 will have their billboards taken down.

“Residents, institutions, advertising agents and companies within the city who have billboards or sign posts should sign the agreement with the council before the 4th of March,” says the council in a statement.

According to the council, a lot of billboard owners in the city are failing to pay rentals for advertising space.



  1. bravo and I just want to say to the people of the north, its high you start doing things to develop your towns, trading centers etc, and stop blaming govt for not developing your towns for you. show the malawi people how things are properly done, how wise you are by uniting and developing your town, make mzuzu the biggest and beautiful town in malawi, “YES YOU CAN”

  2. Hahahahaaa of all the places wasankha kuonetsa wakabaza???? Mtolankhani iwe sadzathekanso basi!!!!

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  4. Before the MCC embarks on this exercise, zinyalala awola? Sitipeza ma sewage otaikila? Mafunso ndi ambiri.

    Rushing pulling down billboards m’malo mothamangila making the city look smart and up to standard…smh #Malawi@51

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