Man who raped young girls jailed for 14 years


The Liwonde first grade magistrate court has sentenced a pervert to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping two young girls.

According to information gathered by this publication, the monster, Gringo Banda was arrested on 27th of January after he raped two underage girls in Machinga. Rape

In court, state prosecutor Rodrick Kamaona of Machinga Police said that law enforcers arrested Banda after they received a complaint from the mother of the first girl that her daughter had been raped.

Kamaona added that after investigations, it was revealed that Banda had been forcing himself on the two girls on several occasions and he was paying them K50 every time he did his evil act.

Banda denied raping the girls but the state paraded five witnesses who testified against the wicked man.
Kamaona asked the magistrate to give Banda a stiff punishment because the offence committed by the beast was a serious one.

In her judgment, Liwonde first grade magistrate Ester Phiri agreed with the state prosecutor that the offence was a serious one and he sentenced Banda to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling two underage girls which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

Banda hails from Musheka village in the area of Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba district.



  1. Kkkk la ma Judge apa malawi eish…sindimakumvetsani…..kwenikweni. ..
    14yrs is too much….just imagine…
    Ena anapezeka ndi mafupa a munthu…… Alamulidwa zaka 4 …..zokha
    Funso mkumati mlandu woopsa ndi uti?

  2. 14YR is very litle please make 20 yr coz is very stupit amd pipo like this must’nt eat just aglas s of juice aday end he must drink his urein whith hard lobour plz plz coz is damaging our future of malawi plz

  3. Your decision that the man is a monster is questionable.Are you a licensed mental health specialist?
    By what standards did you declare him to be a pervert?
    If you are a reporter you are requires to report events as they occurred,not create your own decisions about the events and then pass them on to the public.
    You should be fined at the very least.Suspension would be the result from proper newspapers.
    Are your facts honest,at least;or are you trying to influence any jury?

  4. No no no chimakhala chani kugwilililako,kuvuta kufunsila bwanji? azimayi ati mbweee wa zoona…i think malamulo asinthidwe azipeleka zaka 50 kundende ndikugwira ntchito yakalavula gaga

  5. 14 is too little for this monster,pliz sentence him to 15 hard labours,1000 whips per day,2cups of pepper per day,let him drink his own urine mixed with chitedze 3days a week,

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