Tay Grin dates the UK

Tay Grin

Fresh from releasing his much awaited single “Chipapapa” in which he featured renowned Nigerian artist 2Face, Malawi hip-hop sensation Tay Grin will perform in the United Kingdom (UK).

Tay Grin is expected to perform in Britain on 1st April at a red carpet event which will take place at Villa Park.

Tay Grin
Tay Grin heading to UK.

The artist made the revelation yesterday through his Facebook page. His information has the attachment of a poster which bears vital message concerning the event.

“England, we are starting early this year, I can’t wait to get out there, Aston Villa Park Stadium is going to be lit on 1st April. Nyau invading England,” wrote Tay Grin.

As indicated on the poster, Nyau King will be sharing the stage with last year’s X-factor finalists, the British duo of Reggie and Bollie, originally from Ghana. The event will start at 6PM and end at 12PM.

The poster also reveals that the red carpet event is meant to launch Tee Mark designer, as a result a fashion runway will be provided. It is expected to attract a large audience from across the UK.

Tay Grin is considered to be the man of the moment since the audience has responded positively towards his latest song Chipapapa.

Malawians have since expressed their pride for the artist upon learning about his 1st April performance. They argue he is the country’s main flag carrier therefore ‘villains’ should not frustrate his efforts to put the former British protectorate on the map.



  1. Hey You Admin Your Post Iz Flabbergasted. Who Was Your English Teacher Time Been Of Your School? What Is Dates? I’m Losting Please Would You Polish Up.

  2. nyau king umatha I respect u iwe ndi gule kwao basi all de best nyau ,ndakhala ndikuwonera ma shows ako umatha osati mbuzi zinazi kungotokota zausiru alibe kalikonse , u remember u call ICE PRINCE nthawi ija iwaz dere aswell fire nyau king

  3. amakaimba ma pub, olowa amalawi okha okha kkkkkkkkk mwina akhiwa atatu okha zidakhwaso, komabe pound sinama

    1. A felix mumadana ndi chilungamo eti? ukuganiza amakaimba kuti ? nyimbo za Oimba aku malawi sizili pa international ndiye akalowa bwanji asakumudziwa. Even Lucius Banda akavaya pa Joz ndinava kuti amakaimba ma pub momwe amakonda kumwa amalawi

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