Shocking! Malawians back cashgate


 …Back the Mbuzi imadya pamene aimangilira concept

A swift poll that Malawi24 has conducted shows that Malawians are happy with corruption and payment of bribes to public officers.

Corrupt Malawi Police Officer demands bribes

Busted! Malawi Traffic Police Officer demands corruption

After publishing a story of a traffic police officer in Malawi who was busted demanding bribes from a motorist, Malawians defended the illegal act on social media arguing that most of the public officers receive poor salaries and that receiving bribes would not be wrong in this regards.

Some argued that the money the police officers get through corruption is peanuts when compared to what politicians steal steal from public coffers.

Boyd Lifa said: “No problem, there is no bribe there that guy gave traffic officer money just for cold drink k1000 only then you are telling me that it’s bribe? How much does Mr Muluzi steal? and Bingu, job and now it’s Peter these people they stealing our money.” Others justified the bribe by saying that officers receive low salaries. Clement Chikuni said: “Mbuzi imadya pomwe aimangilira,mmati akakudyeleni ku chpatala?Ku chipatlanso kulibe chakudya..zikumuwawa akakolope lake MW..Kuli katangale kunjaku osat K7000…uzoba eti mmxiii!!!.”

Another reader, Francis Ntonya said: “A welcome development What is K40,000 salary per month.In addition dont let any vehicle pass through the roadblock without any bribe or else your family may die of hunger.” Some commenters however said corrupt acts by police officers are not shocking since the reason law enforcers erects roadblocks is to get bribes.

“No news here everyone in Malawi even a church rat knows how those in uniform on the roads corrupt are, they can even tell you that they dont have relish at home, all what they know is money exchanging hands! no wonder you have one hundred road checks masquaradinn as blocks yet to in true sense its fund raising for their bellies”kupempha kuposa radio maria” smoke and expose them,” said Dereck Thumpwa.

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