Child bearing age key to ending maternal deaths

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A health expert in the country says women should consider the age at which they bear children if the country is to end maternal deaths.

The expert, Timothy Bonyongwa, said the age of 21 and below is too early for a woman to bear a child and it is too late to bear a child after the age of 35 as it exposes these women to diseases like cervical cancer.

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Maternal deaths remain worrisome.

”Women who bear children before the age of 21 are likely to face complications and at the same time women who bear children after the age of 35 are also at risk,” said Bonyongwa.

He further said that good timing of marriage age is very important as the timing can help Malawi have productive citizens.

”Children born from such mothers have poor brain development which affects their personality,” he said.

Bonyongwa added that frequently bearing children may also lead to cervical cancer and maternal deaths.

A study by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) found that 90 percent of women who die during pregnancy and child birth come from Africa and Asia.



  1. Where does this woman can a wrong information from,did she bear a child before 21,to state hese kids born from this mothers will have poor brain capacity,and bearing children frequently may cause cervical cancer,bearing only one or two children may cause cervical cancer,women use to have more kids,in the old days,and hey did not struggle with menstruationn problems,endometriosus,which,is a common problem among women now,ovarian cysts,fibroids,as they only had one,or two children,the lining of the womb does not shed properly,child birth,and having children often,women never had such problems

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