Wicked old man rapes two kids


Police in Machinga are keeping in custody a 65 year-old beast for raping two little girls aged nine and six.

Machinga Police have confirmed the arrest and identified the monster as Gringo Binda. arrested

Spokesperson Machinga police Davie Sulumba told Malawi24 that one of the members of community policing in the area saw the kids holding a K50 note and when he asked the girls, they told him they got the money from Binda.

Upon further questioning, the little girls revealed that the beast had raped them after enticing the two with the K50.
A medical report from Mposa health centre showed that the two little girls had been raped.

“We would like to advise guardians to ensure tight security on their children especially girls, in order to avoid such incidences,” Sulumba said.

Binda hails from Musheka Village, Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba and will soon go to court to answer charges of defilement in accordance with section 308 of the penal code.



  1. Anthu ena njilu ndikubereka kwa anzawo. Stupid gogo. Cholinga kuapatsa anawo matenda nkuwadulira tsogolo lawo. Mbuzi

  2. Mulungu alowererepo apa anthu atembenuke mtima basi.

  3. Daily raping what’s wrong with u guy takiyani mashafiti anuwo pls azimayi Ali mbwelekete mmisewumu osatrapa size yanu bwanji mmangeni ameneyu

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