Lucius roasts Malawians


Member of Parliament for Balaka North Lucius Banda says Malawians deserve bad political leaders because they deliberately vote for weak candidates while booting out visionary politicians.

According to Banda, Malawians can vote for a candidate because of shallow things such as hand-outs while an incumbent who was development conscious may be voted out.

lucius banda

Banda: Malawians are narrow-mindend

“It is only here in Malawi where people would knowingly vote for a weaker candidate at the expense of the country and a good visionary leader just to stroke their racial, religious, regionalistic and of course political partisan ego.

“A t-shirt or Chitenje can make a Malawian voter forget all the good developmental works one MP did. Why are we this myopic when it comes to making leadership choices?” he wondered.

Banda gave an example of Clement Stambuli, a former MP for Nkhotakota Central as one politician who did not deserve to lose his Parliamentary seat since he developed his constituency.

“The man who made me believe in myself politically. I saw an MP voted into a position and delivered to his people a kind of development everyone appreciate to date,” said Banda.

The United Democratic Front (UDF) parliamentarian also admitted that Malawians’ egotism and failure to know visionary and development conscious politicians makes him fear for his political career. Banda says he fears he will experience what befell Stambuli and other “great” politicians.

He said: “The fact that him and a lot of great MPs are not in Parliament today, makes me shiver with fear for my political future and of course believe that really Malawi does not suffer because of bad leadership as such, but because of the citizenry’s malice, selfishness and inability to know what is good for the country, and make a good choice of an MP or president.”

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