Mutharika fires bodyguard after his ‘fall’


Just days after he fell down, Malawi President Peter Mutharika has axed one of his body guards, Malawi24 has learnt.

The bodyguard, Superintendent Ben Mwaliwa has since been sent to Nthalire Police Station in Mzimba.

Peter Mutharika

Sorry Mr President

According to reports, Mwaliwa received the new role in the just ending week and his demotion is being linked to the fall of the Malawi leader, but police officials have denied.

Close sources have tipped Malawi24 that Mutharika was angry that the bodyguard did not scout the place where he stumbled.

But police officials say the transfer is normal and should not be linked to the recent tumble of the President.

Last week, Mutharika took a fall while trying to plant a tree at Kamuzu Palace.

It is said that after Mutharika had planted a first tree, he had trouble planting a second tree and did a ‘Mugabe’ in full view of the camera.

His fall came amid reports that he had been ill, something the State House has been denying lately.